Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ok so we all can agree that somehow I've been getting side tracked at blogging. I"m not sure what it is exactly that keeps me from it...

November and December have been a busy two months so far. We had thanksgiving and spent that with family on my husbands side. They have a huge amount of people on his side and holidays are always packed.

My grandmother is still in the nursing home. Her alzheimers is progressing and shes quite fiesty. That's my word for it anyways. The workers there simply adore her. She was hospitalized a few days to get her meds back on track and get some behaviors taken care of and when we brought her back, everyone was stopping in like she was some celebrity! She also just had a birthday and had a small party.

Things on the job front, I start a new job come the new year, which Im pretty excited about. I'm going to a job that I have expirence in, a Maximum security prison(all male) but its closer to home than the previous Medium security prison I worked at for over a year.

Of course with December, we've had the kids christmas programs for their schools, and then my youngest baby turned 3! three, how did that happen? We went to chuck e cheese and had a fabulous time. I'm not quite ready to admit he's 3. He's our last and final child so I keep thinking "this is the last 3 year old party we'll have..." and with our kids you know we have their "Firsts" and now I keep thinking the things we do with him, his milestones will be the "lasts".