Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ok so we all can agree that somehow I've been getting side tracked at blogging. I"m not sure what it is exactly that keeps me from it...

November and December have been a busy two months so far. We had thanksgiving and spent that with family on my husbands side. They have a huge amount of people on his side and holidays are always packed.

My grandmother is still in the nursing home. Her alzheimers is progressing and shes quite fiesty. That's my word for it anyways. The workers there simply adore her. She was hospitalized a few days to get her meds back on track and get some behaviors taken care of and when we brought her back, everyone was stopping in like she was some celebrity! She also just had a birthday and had a small party.

Things on the job front, I start a new job come the new year, which Im pretty excited about. I'm going to a job that I have expirence in, a Maximum security prison(all male) but its closer to home than the previous Medium security prison I worked at for over a year.

Of course with December, we've had the kids christmas programs for their schools, and then my youngest baby turned 3! three, how did that happen? We went to chuck e cheese and had a fabulous time. I'm not quite ready to admit he's 3. He's our last and final child so I keep thinking "this is the last 3 year old party we'll have..." and with our kids you know we have their "Firsts" and now I keep thinking the things we do with him, his milestones will be the "lasts".

Friday, November 11, 2011

slacker! again!

so between things in life, I have put blogging to the side.

erm...I really don't MEAN to, it just happens. My grandmother was admitted to a nursing home. So I've been spending alot of time there.... She's 87 years old and she's always been a huge part of my life and my childrens lives. I go usually every night around supper time, make sure she eats, then I visit for a while, sometimes I put her to bed, sometimes not. She has dementia/alzheimers so some days are better than others....

And I've had two job interviews in the last two weeks. For one job. Its with the department of corrections and I"m hoping it goes well.

So between that and the kids, and my yaya(my grandmother) I've been busy....
I"m going to try to get a decent picture of us two together some night when I go.

thanks for hanging in there...


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

post halloween update-yup I"m a slacker.

Ok so I haven't blogged in a while. Halloween came and went. I went on a field trip with my daughter and her kindergarten class. A few days before this, it was like 70's. That day it was barely 40's and rainy. Much fun was had...snorts.She fell in the dirt 30 seconds after getting there.

This is princess peach at the schools halloween party.

This is what I call "halloween picture fail".

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

how to make halloween cookies

How do you make halloween cookies?

First you need fistfulls of sprinkles. Doesn't matter if they stick all over.

Clothing is merely optional.And great concentration is also needed. And you need to be cute.

Sunglasses may also be needed. The orange frosting gets real bright. Again, clothing is optional. We got hot quick in our house.

Again going over the rules, cute, clothing optional, great concentration, lots of sprinkles...check check check and check.

See...this many sprinkles are needed to make great cookies. Or more.

Cause its not awesome until they're all over the floor momma scrubbed the night before. And you must also shake excess sprinkles from your hands onto the floor.

Oh and having pre-bought cut out cookies help. Cause unlike MY momma did, we don't cook them ahead. Because THIS momma tends to burn things, and then its not edible. Just sayin....

And lots and lots of orange frosting. The brighter the better. Using utensils are also optional. Who needs to keep the sprinkles from sticking everywhere?

And then you must shove that newly decorated cookie into your mouth much like a dog and shake your head around, hence spraying more sprinkles all over mom's freshly scrubbed floors.

Your uneaten product will look something like this. The more sprinkles you can pile on is always better. More is more... and the more on the table the better. Cause you know you can just SWEEP them onto the floor and TADA the table is clean.

You can take a bite out of the stems of your cookies and put them back for others to eat. Because sampling is allowed. Because who really needs the stems anyways.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

its tuesday right?

I think I"m going crazy lately. My two year old, my youngest is awfully attatched to me lately. Its like having a third leg. Its just me and him in the afternoons and usually he's really good at playing on his own so I can do stuff around the house. But lately he's really up my butt. You ever see that whole family guy episode where Stewey is going "Mom, mom, momma, mom" over and over until she snaps? that's what he did tonight. I almost done near snapped! My husband is all "answer him" and I was. He just kept it up cause he was he knew he could break me..LOL.

Then my husband and I took him to my mothers house with the other kids because we had parent teacher conferences for our oldest tonight and weren't even gone an hour and my mom said he cried the whole time. He just didn't know what to do with himself when he's not up my butt. If I'm there WITH him, he's fine, goes off and plays. But I left him yesterday there for like an hour and he didnt even know I left. But tonight he saw us leave and I think that bothered him.

I know we all love our kids but there comes a point where you can only take so much of them being up our butts. I think I"m coming to that point. and usually he goes to bed relatively good. Tonight? when momma needs the peace and quiet? hes up like hes strung out on sugar which he's not. He's just really into breaking the rules I guess.

Its a good thing he's cute.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Its thursday and I'm a slacker

I'm pretty much a slacker. Maybe its because we haven't done a whole lot lately. And really I"m not sure why all my words are underlined like this. I tried to fix it. Its really actually very annoying.

Its been unseasonably warm here, according to the weatherman. I love our weatherman. He's funny as all get out. Who can say that about a weatherman? I don't remember them being this funny when I was growing up! We've been spending time outside and such since it's been so warm out. I put away all the summer clothing(go figure right?) and its a good thing there are still tshirts or my poor kids would be roasting. It got colder here for a while and I thought "wow perhaps we're going to skip fall!" but nope. The leaves are lovely in their changing of colors. I wish they'd stay that color all year long.

So my father in law brought the kiddos, the mini world dominators, a tball set. However, my kids lack any kind of coordination or grace. I'm serious. I showed you the picture last time of my son being assaulted by a shampoo bottle! My daughter who's 4 can fall down just standing there. The other day at my mom's house, she was talking to my mom, looking behind her at my mom and ran into the back of the couch....and literally bounced off. I , as a responsible adult, had to really struggle at not laughing. I think our 2 year old falls off our bed in some manner every day. And its to the point where it doesn't even phase him anymore. He just picks himself back up, dusts himself off(so to speak) and gets back on it. He was sleeping last night, rolled off and stayed sleeping on the floor. Thankfully our 8 year old has seemingly grown out of that whole "we should put you in a bubble" phase but when he was younger, he had the same mishaps as the other two. I mean, he's the one who ended up being rushed to the urgent care center during a family vacation to get stiches in his chin after going down a the water...who cuts themselves on a waterslide? in the chin even!

so Here is my middle child, my daughter, ever not-so-graceful swinging her bat. Notice the smaller one, with HIS EYES CLOSED. Cause he knows.

The (OMG THE UNDERLINING IS GONE...WHAT?) middle picture? is actually a funny story, but his stomache looks all distorted . We lovingly call(now its off bold and still typing in bold!) his belly button his "habba hole". We(my husband and I) made up this story that all the naughiness from little boys comes from the habba hole. And the people who live inside it, are called the habbas. When hes being naughty, we tell him we're going to get the habba hole. He's very proud of his habba hole. Who am I kidding, he also loves to be nekkid as much as possible.

And last but not least, is the goat machine picture. We were at a local town festival last weekend and they had a petting zoo. While the oldest was getting food to feed the goats, this goat appears and I snapped the picture, and now it looks like hes getting a goat from the machine! no kidding!

Well thats about all from me right now. All the mini world dominators have been a sleep for a few hours. That's the way I like em. quiet, peaceful and asleep. I like it even better when they stay asleep in their own areas. We've had frequent night time wandering into my bed, which kicks me out of my spot and I surrender to the couch. I refuse to keep cramping up in the bed. For a while I've gotten up, put them back to sleep in their own spots, but some nights, you mommas know, you're just too tired!

Friday, September 30, 2011

141th post...

We got a firetruck ride for the local homecoming parade. My dad is a fire fighter(amongst other things)and drove the firetruck. Why , do you ask, are firetrucks in the parade? The firetrucks and ambulances all around here participate in parades. Its like a huge thing. Its tradition and its "how we roll".

So tonight, I was in the showering. Just minding my own business, shaving my legs. Many of you ladies know that complete and utter concentration is given to this ritual. And then BOOM. One little man jumps in the shower nekkid yelling "AH HAH!" SCARING the living crap outta me. I had to think "what would I tell the ambulance? MY DAD works for the ambulance!" Luckily I didn't cut myself. I almost had a stroke, but no cuts. I ended up banging into the shower caddy hanging on the shower head/neck and a bottle of shampoo fell, assaulting my 2 year old and slicing him pictured below. Part of me felt like yelling AH HAH! back. but then I saw that he was injured and he was freaking out, so much he caused himself to puke. In.The.Shower. So then I'm trying to see how bad the cut is, he's not bleeding hardly at all, but he keeps hyperventalating and causing himself to puke more. Which in the middle of THAT my four year old had jumped in sometime (cause you know, its just not shower time unless its like a clown car packed to the limits) and she sees his "owie" and freaks out. So now I have TWO kids to calm down, I"m trying to assess the cut, calm both down and get us all dried off. My four year old during this time had shampoo in her hair, and so I then have to turn the shower back on to rinse her hair off, and the puke outta the shower all while trying to calm them both. My 4 year old is freaking out in the shower, causing mass hysteria, crying "Oh the shampoo is in my eyes" and shes getting crazy and thrasing around. I'm afraid at that point, we'll all get wrapped up in the shower curtain. So I finally get them rinsed, out and dried off. I get them out to my room, which the hubby is OBLIVIOUS with his headphones on watching "transformers 3" on his computer. He kinda turns around and sees the mass panic going on and gets this face like "What is going on!" I"m calm, getting dressed and getting the young ones dressed. I don't THINK it needed stitches, however, I take a quick drive up the block to my parents house and do the "two heads are better than one" with my dad. Though I'm a nurse, sometimes I rely on the whole "two heads are better than one" *just* to be sure. Its not that I doubt my training , its just the fact that sometimes, being a non panic-er, I tend to not worry, and my husband is a panic-er and a worry wart so I ask my dad, who works for an ambulance, for medical advice. Though I"m the calm one, like I said, I don't panic, sometimes when your own kid gets hurt, you tend to get a bit blinded by what you THINK you see. So not deep enough for stitches. But a visit to grandpas and grandmas for a few hugs and kisses and a ride back home to his favorite blankey seemed to chill him out. But after he fell asleep for a while, he developed a fever. So they're totally NOT related but I"m hoping he feels better tomorrow.

The funniest thing? We had come back from my parents and he was talking with our two year old "what did grandpa put on your owie"...I said "nothing, thats snot".muhahahahhaha. Epic.

I was downloading pictures onto the computer today and found a few of the below on them. Guess who got ahold of momma's camera? I thought it was kinda cute(excuse my dirty mirror. I DO wash it almost every day...)She looks very serious. Maybe she plans on getting her own facebook soon and using this to find her kindergarten boys online? nope. not til shes at least 45.

Then today, to top off all the exciting things we have done, we went to visit THE WEINERMOBILE! EEEEEEK! It was parked at our local Piggly Wiggly(grocery store anyone?). The kids were very impressed but I could tell they were confuzed. I don't think they quite got the point of it. I had a few puzzled looks as I got the camera out.


The official liscense plate!(zomg, now you'll all know where I"m from)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

our first trip to the pumpkin patch(this year at least)

We took a trip to the pumpkin patch about 40 minutes from us this weekend.

Uncle Bradley(my brother) and the girls on the swings(made from tires!)

All the early pumpkins already! We didn't buy any "just yet". I don't want them to go bad.

Who knows what Wisconsin weather will hold!

The landscaping and whole place is beautifully decorated and done.

I love the contrast of colors of the grass and the pumpkins!

All the grandchildren on my side. It would have been cute if my smallest Niece would have been looking. But with five kids I know how pictures turn out. I've tried to get nice shots many

My littlest guy got up on top of the hay pile and couldn't get down. Uncle Bradley to the rescue!

My oldest proudly posing on top of the hay maze.

They had more fun running on top of the haybales .

All three of mine posing nicely(somewhat) in the tractor

My youngest on the tire/horse swing. These are so neat and creatively done.

Everyone really loved the swings. They couldn't get enough.

Hey mom! Get me down again!

And more climbing. They went home, dirty, happy and tired!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

holy hair

this first picture is from June. I just noticed tonight how much her hair has grown 2 months



Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor day

And Happy Birthday....TO ME.

I'm not going to tell my age, as any classy lady hides her age you know. We had a fun labor day weekend, ending today in my birthday.

Saturday I got to watch my nieces at my brothers house. I love my nieces to DEATH and my kids and my nieces play very well together. We had some dress up action from the girls, and some block building action, and all sorts of playing very well together. My youngest niece is about a year old and she's a quick one too. She's just starting to walk and she's into everything. Gave another thought to that "oh boy THIS is why I don't want another baby"!!!!! Even though MY youngest is 2.5, he's a very easy child for the most part. We all got home after a long day and we were all completely wiped out. Sunday we just hung out and really didn't do alot. The younger two are kinda congested so we laid low. Today is my birthday like I said before. My father in law came and watched the kids so my husband and I could go out to supper and shop a bit. My parents had gotten me a gift card to texas road house and a gift card for walmart. When we got to our resturant, we found out it wasn't open for another 2.5 hours so we shopped around with lots of time to kill!!!LOL. we found some new clothes for the kids. In wisconsin, the weather changes in an instant and last week it was 90's and this weekend in the 60's. We decided to slowly start stocking up on warmer clothes for the kiddos. Of course there's not alot out there quite *yet*, but I was still able to grab some good deals.
Supper was very good. Texas Roadhouse , if you haven't been there, is so yummy. We both left with full tummies!
The kiddos are now asleep in bed and I"m just doing this and watching tv. Tomorrow is back to school, shopping for cell phones and what not. Its another tuesday and I've been slacking on cleaning so tomorrow will be back to normal routine for me.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

First day of school

Today was the first day of school in our district.
Summer, where did you go?

Got the kids up easily. This will probably be the only time it happens that easy. Seriously, this household is not a morning people household. My oldest and I are totally NOT morning people and the two of us together kinda ,(more than kinda) clash in the morning and it doesn't make for a happy start to ANY day. However, the oldest of the mini world domination team rose without arguement and sprang out of bed.
I had to awaken the middle child who was asleep in my bed. Seriously the girl will be 16 and still feeling like she has to attach to my hip. She has her own bed, a new comforter and everything and just makes me crazy at times. She likes to snuggle during her sleep. If I move, she'll find me.

The youngest of the world domination team was actually in his own bed all night. He's always slept in his own crib/bed whathaveyou, but lately he's been wanting to sleep on my floor. Then usually when my hubby comes home from work, he moves him. But last night he crawled into his own bed and stayed there.
So all three up and dressed, we went to my mom's and grandma was dropping off for school. I got the oldest going with her, and we hung out and played with the 6mo old twins she baby sat. I can really be honest and say I'm glad I never had twins. I love those girls to death but gosh...

My middle child start 4 year old kindergarten today. The first time ever she's been to school. She's very outspoken(thats putting it nicely folks) and bold and has alot of character(ahem.. putting it nicely) but when we went to our mini 4k picnic she got very shy and clung to my leg for a good 10 minutes. So grandma and I took her to school. My mom helps people out and watches children during the day and another little boy she watches is in the same class. Plus she had the twins and the twins's brother, so I helped with the girls there too. We did the drop off, not hovering, not lingering too long and I kissed and hugged her goodbye and she seemed ok with it. She never went to preschool or anything like I said previously, but she did good. I think I was more nervous about it than she was. They (her and Austin, the other little boy) were going to ride the bus from THAT school, to the "Middle" school, or the other school that houses grade 3-8. All of our schools lack parking for whatever reason, so they came up with this idea that buses take you to this one central school(if you choose) and get dropped off there. and Since my oldest goes to that school, and that's where grandma picks them up(since hubby works second shift and we have one car) it seemed easier than grandma going two places and rushing around. I was more nervous about that. That seemed to be the best part of her day! She only goes half days and I asked her if she wants to go back tomorrow and she said "yup". So that's a relief.

The youngest mini world dominator is only 2 and stayed home with me all day. We have our afternoon routine. Though he's 2, he don't nap. At all. Like ever. Two is about being tough you know. I tried to clean and he was up on destroying my efforts.

My children both came home from school happy and excited to go back. Which is good. I think any mother hopes her children have good first days of school.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday....

Pictured above : a few weeks ago we went on a road trip with my mom to Monkey Joes and then a picnic lunch and then stopped for ice cream! I almost ALWAYS have my camera near by and got a zillion pictures during the road trip. He starts school next week, 3rd grade. At third grade in the public school in our system, they get bumped to the "middle" school , or jr.high building with the other "jr high students" as its a 3-8 grade building. He's already talking how they have detentions. I 'm trying to explain how that's not a good thing to talk about getting. With his autism/aspergers, he really enjoys adult time over kids his age usually, and in the past in school, he ENJOYED being with the principal and other

Pictured above : My middle daughter will be going to half days of school starting next week. She needed two folders and these are what she picked. and a Hello Kitty "pack pack" as well. She has no idea what she's in for. We had a little "school get together" the other night where they simply played games..well yah, so she thinks this is just about games. Snorts.. My daughter tends to be a "shoot first, ask questions later" kinda gal. We parents had to fill out this information sheet and it says "if you could describe your child in three words, what would you say"...I'm thinking "shoot first, ask questions later" is more than 3 words. I wanted to write "warning, warning, warning" Shes very outspoken and usually the source of drama or trouble in our house. like 95% of the time. So I know we're in for it with school. But at the get together, she was really shy so I"m crossing my fingers she behaves.

Pictured above: is my youngest. These are "his keys". He's been going through this facination lately with his dad's set of keys and mine as well. He has to figure out the right key and try to help us by unlocking doors and entry ways, however causing much distruption by going through things like carrying up groceries as he's yelling "oh keys, I need keys" and trying to get into the apartment doors while having to pee really bad, while hes INSISTING on unlocking the door for you..while he fuddles around from key to key. Well he kept misplacing both sets of keys so I ran to the hardware store and the super nice people who worked there had a bucket of old keys that they pulled a handful out, cleaned them off, worked off the rough edges and gave to me FOR FREE. I paid 2 bucks for the key ring thingy. so now he has his "own" set and is very very happy.

Pictured above: my three children as we're waiting for grandma to pick us up for that road trip I spoke of above in the first picture. They're like...totally cool ya