Thursday, April 26, 2012

 so after a long weekend last weekend, we took saturday and hit up four parks and then toured the marsh education area near town. it was a perfect day out on saturday. Above is my youngest of course without his shoes. He will NEVER keep his shoes on.
 This little park we go to has this bridge my kids love to run across. I love this picture because the older two look deep in conversation as my youngest now has shoes on and continues running around like nutso.
 Bella deep in thought while swinging. She loves the swings and could spend all day there.
 Jax posing for me, "Say cheese buddy!" and he humored me for a slipt second.
 The two boys at the marsh after we took a short break. Yes I dress these two alike, because they both like the same things(mario bros) and I can't match anyone to Bella as the boys refuse to wear pink or ruffles.
 Look out the "telescope" into the marsh . This was one of their favorite activities of all three kids.
we even made crafts for earth day which was right up the girlys alley. She loves herself some crafts.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

our update, I know its been a while!

(Last years Easter photo!!!!!!)
The above picture is today, obviously. It was a beautiful Easter Sunday. We went to Grandmas house(my mom and dad's house) for Easter lunch consisting of Ham and lots of yummy other things...we were all so full of good food! And then we did an easter egg hunt in the yard while the sun was out and it was beautiful. Although I have to say its NOT beautiful out now. Nope. Its super windy and overcast now. Booo weather. We did our yearly Easter picture. It is always fun to see how children do NOT cooperate. These remember are not all my children.
The eggs the children dyed at grandmas house. I love the colors.
My two boys are obviously having a very serious game of Mario. This is how I often find them.
Last but not least, Bella turned FIVE just recently. She's really excited to be five, however she does believe this means she must mother everyone...and by "mothering" I nicely mean boss even more...Because obviously being the only girl out of the bunch of boys in this house, she must be in control at all times.