Tuesday, January 31, 2012

150th post

Well its my 150th post! whoop whoop!

Its been a while again since I've blogged. Between my work schedule and the kids, its been really hectic. I've been on orientation at the new job, one week on day shift, the next week on pms, repeat repeat....

The good news is I"m FINALLY off orientation and on one shift(second) and things appear to be going well.

Family wise:
Jace: got his report card for second quarter, he got all A's! We are all very proud of him for this. He's always been a good student and catches on quickly. He's always gotten his spelling tests with 100% each week as well.

Bella: Went to her first "friends" birthday party this past weekend. Before now, we've only gone to family birthday parties and such and this was her first one where she was dropped off and picked up. She had A BLAST. She of course didn't want to leave when time was up. But I consider that a good thing!

Jax: He finally POOPED on the potty today while I was at work! We've been doing some serious potty training and he's been doing really good. He's enjoying "daddy" time since my hubby is on layoff right now and I'm at work. They get along almost better when I'm not here...lol

So those are my highlights. I"m exhausted and my feet hurt.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!The above picture is of my kids building some type of tent or fort with their bunk beds and blankets. I was reading my kindle one night and my husband told me to grab my camera and come "quickly". This is what I walked into..lol. And we always have some level of unclothed childrens in my house.

Christmas was wonderful of course. We spent christmas eve with my husbands family, first at his mom's to open gifts, then to his aunts house where the whole family(and then some) gather for awesome food, drinks and more gifts. I come from a smaller family so I have really loved the whole huge family atmosphere. It honestly was overwhelming at first when we were married but now its just nothing really. You just get used to everyone around you, the kids all play downstairs and you only hear from them when thirst overtakes them from running and jumping or its time to eat or potty breaks. Christmas Day we spent with my family at my parents house with my mom, dad, brother and sister in law and my nieces. Its small but nice. My children were so spoiled by all their gifts.

New years came and went. We didn't go out. We went out Friday before the New year and my father in law watched the kids so we could use one of our gift certs we got for christmas to our FAVORITE RESTURANT. Neither one of us is up for huge crowds so we didn't want to try to even attempt to find a place to eat on New Years Eve... We spent New Years Eve just chillin and doing our own thing, which was really nice.

Tuesday after the new year, it was back to work for the husband and back to work, after just a year off for me. We both were on day shift so my mini world dominators stayed at my parents house overnights so we did not have to drag them out in the wee early morning hours. They'd stay there, go to school, come home for a few hours and we'd sugar them up and return them to grandma and grandpa for the evening. My parents are nothing short of wonderful when it comes to these situations. I guess I never even though "wow its gonna suck dragging all three out of bed and into a cold car and into their house"...luckily my mom is super organized and thought ahead for me. This week I"m on second shift, while the hubbster is still on first so being at grandmas will only be a short time... like 2-3 hours at most depending on if he's on overtime or not. then NEXT week I go back to day shift.... this orientation is making me a bit DISORIENTATED. Its truly nice to be back in the swing of things, back to the nursing field, back to what I understand. Its even better when you are around people who understand you and "talk" the same talk. I know my husband tries but its like when he talks about his work or his gaming stuff. I just don't get it really, I try but I fail. Theres something really nice about the ladies (and a few men of course) that I work with. Its like you can all understand eachother and you don't have to break things down or get frustrated because someone DOESN'T understand you. They are also up to listening to the "new" people on their ideas and what not. Two heads are always better than one, in any situation really. And again while its something "newer" in my line of work, its something I like. I've worked in a place like this before, however this is an entirely different ......set up. I don't know how else to explain it.

While last winter I complained about the cold and the snow and how we'd never get to see the end of it, *knocks on wood* this winter in wisconsin has been mild. We've had maybe 2-3 inches of fluffy snow...this week the temp got into the 50's so all said snow is now gone. You could walk without a coat since friday and open the windows, let the nice fresh air in.

We've also obtained a second car. we've only had one car for years, as only one of us has worked, whether it be him or I. Then the other has stayed home with the children. But now since both of us work(now that two are in school)...the whole only having one car thing...put quite a damper on things like...oh working in opposite directions and different schedules. So that's pretty exciting. Its my sister in laws car her and my brother got rid of. Its old but it works. Come tax time, the car and van will need some money invested in them to keep them running a little better. ....lol. They are quite the match together. But as I don't want a carpayment, I"ll stick money into them and see where to go from there.

so other than new schedules and the mini world domination still taking place at our house, nothing is too new!