Wednesday, October 19, 2011

how to make halloween cookies

How do you make halloween cookies?

First you need fistfulls of sprinkles. Doesn't matter if they stick all over.

Clothing is merely optional.And great concentration is also needed. And you need to be cute.

Sunglasses may also be needed. The orange frosting gets real bright. Again, clothing is optional. We got hot quick in our house.

Again going over the rules, cute, clothing optional, great concentration, lots of sprinkles...check check check and check.

See...this many sprinkles are needed to make great cookies. Or more.

Cause its not awesome until they're all over the floor momma scrubbed the night before. And you must also shake excess sprinkles from your hands onto the floor.

Oh and having pre-bought cut out cookies help. Cause unlike MY momma did, we don't cook them ahead. Because THIS momma tends to burn things, and then its not edible. Just sayin....

And lots and lots of orange frosting. The brighter the better. Using utensils are also optional. Who needs to keep the sprinkles from sticking everywhere?

And then you must shove that newly decorated cookie into your mouth much like a dog and shake your head around, hence spraying more sprinkles all over mom's freshly scrubbed floors.

Your uneaten product will look something like this. The more sprinkles you can pile on is always better. More is more... and the more on the table the better. Cause you know you can just SWEEP them onto the floor and TADA the table is clean.

You can take a bite out of the stems of your cookies and put them back for others to eat. Because sampling is allowed. Because who really needs the stems anyways.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

its tuesday right?

I think I"m going crazy lately. My two year old, my youngest is awfully attatched to me lately. Its like having a third leg. Its just me and him in the afternoons and usually he's really good at playing on his own so I can do stuff around the house. But lately he's really up my butt. You ever see that whole family guy episode where Stewey is going "Mom, mom, momma, mom" over and over until she snaps? that's what he did tonight. I almost done near snapped! My husband is all "answer him" and I was. He just kept it up cause he was he knew he could break me..LOL.

Then my husband and I took him to my mothers house with the other kids because we had parent teacher conferences for our oldest tonight and weren't even gone an hour and my mom said he cried the whole time. He just didn't know what to do with himself when he's not up my butt. If I'm there WITH him, he's fine, goes off and plays. But I left him yesterday there for like an hour and he didnt even know I left. But tonight he saw us leave and I think that bothered him.

I know we all love our kids but there comes a point where you can only take so much of them being up our butts. I think I"m coming to that point. and usually he goes to bed relatively good. Tonight? when momma needs the peace and quiet? hes up like hes strung out on sugar which he's not. He's just really into breaking the rules I guess.

Its a good thing he's cute.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Its thursday and I'm a slacker

I'm pretty much a slacker. Maybe its because we haven't done a whole lot lately. And really I"m not sure why all my words are underlined like this. I tried to fix it. Its really actually very annoying.

Its been unseasonably warm here, according to the weatherman. I love our weatherman. He's funny as all get out. Who can say that about a weatherman? I don't remember them being this funny when I was growing up! We've been spending time outside and such since it's been so warm out. I put away all the summer clothing(go figure right?) and its a good thing there are still tshirts or my poor kids would be roasting. It got colder here for a while and I thought "wow perhaps we're going to skip fall!" but nope. The leaves are lovely in their changing of colors. I wish they'd stay that color all year long.

So my father in law brought the kiddos, the mini world dominators, a tball set. However, my kids lack any kind of coordination or grace. I'm serious. I showed you the picture last time of my son being assaulted by a shampoo bottle! My daughter who's 4 can fall down just standing there. The other day at my mom's house, she was talking to my mom, looking behind her at my mom and ran into the back of the couch....and literally bounced off. I , as a responsible adult, had to really struggle at not laughing. I think our 2 year old falls off our bed in some manner every day. And its to the point where it doesn't even phase him anymore. He just picks himself back up, dusts himself off(so to speak) and gets back on it. He was sleeping last night, rolled off and stayed sleeping on the floor. Thankfully our 8 year old has seemingly grown out of that whole "we should put you in a bubble" phase but when he was younger, he had the same mishaps as the other two. I mean, he's the one who ended up being rushed to the urgent care center during a family vacation to get stiches in his chin after going down a the water...who cuts themselves on a waterslide? in the chin even!

so Here is my middle child, my daughter, ever not-so-graceful swinging her bat. Notice the smaller one, with HIS EYES CLOSED. Cause he knows.

The (OMG THE UNDERLINING IS GONE...WHAT?) middle picture? is actually a funny story, but his stomache looks all distorted . We lovingly call(now its off bold and still typing in bold!) his belly button his "habba hole". We(my husband and I) made up this story that all the naughiness from little boys comes from the habba hole. And the people who live inside it, are called the habbas. When hes being naughty, we tell him we're going to get the habba hole. He's very proud of his habba hole. Who am I kidding, he also loves to be nekkid as much as possible.

And last but not least, is the goat machine picture. We were at a local town festival last weekend and they had a petting zoo. While the oldest was getting food to feed the goats, this goat appears and I snapped the picture, and now it looks like hes getting a goat from the machine! no kidding!

Well thats about all from me right now. All the mini world dominators have been a sleep for a few hours. That's the way I like em. quiet, peaceful and asleep. I like it even better when they stay asleep in their own areas. We've had frequent night time wandering into my bed, which kicks me out of my spot and I surrender to the couch. I refuse to keep cramping up in the bed. For a while I've gotten up, put them back to sleep in their own spots, but some nights, you mommas know, you're just too tired!