Sunday, February 26, 2012

where has the time gone?

I'm a bad blogger really.

Its almost the end of February and I haven't done anything significant here or posted since the beginning of the month.

I"ve been working alot. Doing some overtime as well.

The children, the mini world dominators have been doing well. School is going well for both the older two. Bella has her first all day class trip coming up this week. Jace is on multiplication tables.

We're still working on potty training. other words...its not going so well.

Work just has me exhausted.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

ramblings of sort

Well "santa" aka my father in law, left these "watch me grow" things for my kids this past christmas and one night this past month we put them in water and waited for them to grow.
Some did...not that big because apparently they are like goldfish and only grow as big as the container..and others didn't grow at all. And afterwards, they turned slimy. I hate slimy things. And being as I hate them, I forgot to take a picture of them afterwards... Winner right?lol