Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday monday

Its monday again.
I loathe Mondays. I"m not sure exactly why. It just seems like a long long day.
I didn't sleep well last night. As usual after the kids go to sleep, I clean and read. I get way into my kindle and then loose track of time! Before I knew it , it was 3AM! whoopsy. So my nice husband let me nap a bit today. I'm pretty stoked because tomorrow Jodi Picoults new book comes out on Kindle! I'm a HUUUUUGE fan of her work. I've been doing so much reading lately at night during quiet time. I enjoy reading, I"m a quick reader and since I've had my Kindle, I've enjoyed many books. So once I finish up a few things here, thats where I"m headed. I have to fold/organize laundry(meaning everyone gets their own basket so when it comes time to put it away, I just gotta take their basket to their dresser and unload), scrub floors(which I do by hand) switch another load from the washer to the dryer fold/organize those, and tidy up the bathroom. I really don't feel like doing it but I don't get much done when the children are awake and present. Tonight I shampooed the kids room and it took me a while since the childrens had to be special helpers.

You ever feel like you're forever doing laundry and not coming to the end of your pile? Maybe its just me but good gosh! and then while scrubbing floors tonight in the bathroom and back hallway, I noticed my little crayon artist had left me some artwork!*headdesk*!!!!But this place needs repainting and when I attempt to get the "art" off the walls, the paint comes off and the art remains. sigh.

Now that this post has literally taken me until tuesday morning to get back to. Thats how my brain works I guess. I sat down in between cleaning breaks last night .I've been up since 630am and I've folded and put away 4 baskets of laundry, changed bedding on the toddler bed, got both little ones dressed, Bellas hair brushed.. without screaming or drama!

Friday, February 25, 2011

freak the freak out

You ever hear that song "freak the freak out"?? Its a nickelodeon song by Victoria Justice.Shes so pretty and very talented! The song gets stuck in my head frequently, and its kinda catchy.

We haven't been doing a lot of exciting things lately. We're recovering from another snowstorm from sunday night. Monday schools were cancelled and it was still snowing so we were once again stuck inside. I know being from Wisconsin, thats just how our winters are, but I'm really sick of snow, cold, slush, ice, and boots, hats, mittens and snowpants. I'm tired of bundling everyone up everytime we have to run a simple errand. I'm tired of finding lost mittens and hats and boots. I'm just done with the cold. Bring on spring please!

We went bowling this afternoon as there was no school and Grandpa had stopped by. Last time just my husband and I took them bowling and it was a bit of a struggle dealing with three kids on two adults. We wanted it fair this time. however it wasn't as bad because they understood more this time.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My lovelies..posing nicely for once.
Goofing around of course but I thought without much effort
it turned out really well.
About two weeks ago my husband bought me a Kindle. I have been in
Kindle love ever since. I have read many I"m a huge reader. My
most recent read "fat, forty and fired". It was really good!
We set up his big boy bed finally. He had gotten this as a gift for his 2nd
birthday in December but we've been trying to decide when the
right time was. Really there was no right time. The crib he was in was
from my first and second child. Therefore it was about 8 years old.
And ready to fall apart from the many years of did really well!

This is my doctor. He loves playing doctor. Maybe
he has a bright future ahead of him?

This picture just strikes me as funny. Bella is my drama queen.

She tends to wind up at the drop of a hat.I think she was mad

because I told her she had to share her toys with her brother

Friday, February 18, 2011

Bring your family to lunch day

It was bring your family to lunch day today.
I thought this made a cute picture.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

big guy hair cut

My little guy got his hair cut...the first pic is his after pic...
the second pic is before.

Monday, February 14, 2011

just another monday.

Well its been interesting around here. I haven't been reading many blogs that I follow because my side bar there on that side hasn't been updating that people have been posting --------->.
So today I went to blogs to find out somehow my side bar has a glitch so now I"ll have to go back so I can do some reading. So that's that. I"m not sure why its not updating for me but I sorta rely on that to tell me when my people update!!!!

This past weekend was fun. Saturday night I went out with my girlfriends. Its usually a darned good time, because even though we go out to our one favorite bar, we don't even HAVE to drink, we can have a good time all by ourselves. Kerry my friend, we both used to work as nurses at the same place and we had so much fun,even when things went real bad, we could find things to crack up about. Well she facebooks me Saturday to tell me(somehow I didn't know) that our favorite bar was having a ladies night, with a STRIPPER. Now I don't care about the stripper but going out sounded like fun! I NEVER used to go out. But these girls are so much fun and we just laugh the whole time. I'm not into the whole stripper thing, and quite honestly we did more cringing at

and Today I spent most of the day with a headache. The weather has turned beautiful lately and its been over 40 degrees, last week we were in the artic chill! so we're all rejoicing in the warmer temps! Our dozen feet of snow is melting during the day and then refreezing at night. but its huge puddles during the day and me and the kids go drive the van through them. I call it my free car wash!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

wednesdays words

1.cold....BRRRRRRR ITS been really really cold here. This morning the wind chills made it -22 below. That's just crazy. I"m the type of person who clings to fresh air. As in the windows being open at least a least in our bedroom. But when the window is FROZEN SHUT... I kinda get anxious. Tomorrow morning? same wind chill advisory but now saying -30 below. uh huh. its like the song "Turdy point buck".

2. freezing. Its freezing in my house/apartment. we cranked the heat to make it actually work. The thermostat is a bit of a cranky thing and only seems to work for my husband. So I freeze my tail off until he gets up. But usually we dont' have the heat on up in here cause its ok. but when the wind chill gets this low we have to, just to take the chill out. Before with the heat off, it was like 72 in here. which is actually on the low side of temps for this apartment. Thankfully we do have "Free heat" in these apartments but still...

3. cough: our house can get rid of it any time now. I have a drama queen middle daugther who detests any kind of medicine. and its a gamble trying to get it in her. my other two have a slight cough. I Think we live at the peds office during these winters..ugh!

4. noses: our noses constantly seem to be running..along with #3.

5. chocolate: I ate chocolate today. Which really isn't that unusual but

6. annoyed: I'm annoyed when I have to send my son out in the morning to go to school when its -20-30 below.

7. tired: being sick, I actually just laid around most of the day. I didnt sleep a whole lot but I"m hoping to get decent sleep tonight.

8. flannel : sheets that the only way to go in winter around here. Unless you have a heated blanket..ugh I Need one!!!

9. hot: which is usually what I"m complaining of being. But when I"m sick, I can't get warm enough!

10. sweater: is what I need to go put on.

Monday, February 7, 2011

monday monday.....

This past Saturday, my husband and I took a one night mini vaca
from the children. It was much needed and lots of fun. Look at all our snow!

This one here. ... My other half, she had much anxiety about me coming home.
She and her siblings stayed at grandmas house. She was fine until the next morning where
she pursued much drama and attitude. My mom said she'd sit by the window and bawl.

This one here... missed both his father and I. However he's laid back and enjoyed
his time. He also enjoyed a nice bubble bath when he got home. But then again
that's just him. He's my fish.

This one here is pretty lived in at grandmas house. He's never been a clingy child, nor has
he EVER had that whole attatchment issue. He'd go with anyone anywhere. I think I have
more anxiety leaving my children than any of these three do. He hopped outta the van that day
on saturday, I barely got out and he's like "bye mom, see you tomorrow!" These glasses are also stunning from his 100th day of school!

Friday, February 4, 2011

tv junkie

Tv junkie..who me?
Not so much as "omg I gotta watch this show on this day at this time" type person.
I netflix. alot.
I also love watching seasons of things on dvd if I can't find them on netflix.
When my husband and I were first dating I bought him season 1 of Smallville on dvd. We started watching it together and got hooked. We refuse to watch it on tv and buy the dvd series when it comes out in stores.

We've also done that with Bones, although the last season was on netflix so that was awesome. Lets see what other series do we do that with? Star Trek, we own the whole season with Cpt Janeway. I don't remember really what the true title is. As geeky as I think some of these things sound, I enjoy them. We did ER for a few seasons that we recieved as gifts. On netflix I started Mercy, which is about nurses and me BEING a nurse, really really enjoyed that. I finished season 1 and am very anxiously awaiting season two to pop out sooner or later.

I got into Weeds, which I"ve never used drugs in my life but I thought I'd give it a shot since it was recommended by a friend of mine. Its not a real practical show but it shows how this upper class mom, her husband dies suddenly and she's left with all the costs of living with those huge bills so she starts selling pot to friends, family, other "upper" class parents and people like that. Its kinda a funny twist thinking about how many people could possibly be into that stuff . Its one of those series that I watch after the kids go to bed, as its soooo not children friendly. lol.

we also enjoy (drawing a blank here....ugh ! I hate it when my memory fails me) ugh its about the Witness protection program, brain blank here... but its good. LOL...

I also got into "the secret life of the american teenager"..I watched it on tv alot and found that netflix again had the seasons I missed.

my tv time at night is like my relax , quiet, chill time. If my hubby doesn't watch something with me, its my mommy time. I tune into a show or movie on netflix and watch whatever my heart desires!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

its early Friday

Its early Friday morning, 1:34am to be exact. Its not abnormal for me to be up at this hour, having to get up at 630am to get one kid up and dressed for school. And being that my oldest and I are neither morning people or perky morning people proves mornings in this house is NOT fun.

I found my camera, the one I stated lost on last post. Just today. Like around 3pm. After I lost my cellphone. My dead cell phone, you know, the one you can't call to figure out its whereabouts? Yeah that one.

We had looked EVERYWHERE for my camera. I was crushed, making sob like comments on facebook about the end of the world basically, how my day was horrible, how I had looked everywhere and how my day basically just sucked.*snickers* It truly was the end of the world, as my camera is almost my bff. Sad as that may be..its true. I kept looking at my dear children and thinking "wow I could take a pictuer of that...IF I HAD MY CAMERA". and then the cell went missing. We hunted and hunted, asked the two year old the typical questions "where is momma's phone, her hello?" and he'd point excitedly and lead us in this exciting chase to perhaps find his lovely(his blanket)...or his ball...or his sisters baby. We had about given up. I posted on facebook how now my camera AND MY CELL was lost. My DEAD CELL. oh the horrors.

then my husband said "there can only be one place it can be after all this" and looked under our entertainment center of the living room amd LO AND BEHOLD..both things settled in there quite far back where only little pudgy two year old fingers could get.


crisis averted.

however I did find lots of blurry pictures, of my smiling 2 year old son. Cracking up, like leading me on a hunt of all the pictures he left me. I haven't uploaded them yet but they're too funny. He even makes his own videos on my camera. Sweet but really, no matter WHERE I put my things, he gets into them. Maybe I should start hiding them in his bed. where he'd never look? haha.

after I get some sleep, which I don't feel is near at all, cause I"m wide awake... tomorrow night is my friends birthday party. Today, actually yesterday thursday was my 5 year wedding anniversary! FIVE WHOLE YEARS.

whew. five...huh. we didn't do gifts or anything. this weekend we're getting away by ourselves. OUR FIRST TIME BY OURSELVES WITHOUT ALL THREE KIDS EVER.

I"ll try to take some new pics friday. Hence the wedding pics above.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard warning!

Right now we're under a blizzard warning, here in the cheese state! Schools had a two hour delay this morning which I believe was rediculous because of the fact the worst was going to come during the time THEY WERE TO GET OUT OF SCHOOL. But we did the late start and got home safely.

Winds picked up around 4pm. I had to venture out to the local grocery store even though I was there yesterday, we somehow ended up needing more milk. The store is only like a half mile away and it was a quick trip.

Schools have already been cancelled for tomorrow(Wednesday) so that' s good. At least they did it ahead of time. Our school district tends to hold on until last possible minute. I can't imagine those people who rely on day care and what not so they can work, and find out schools cancelled at last minute or late start and then if they don't have day care, try to figure out rather quickly what the heck to do with their children!

I was going to try to get pictures but alas my camera has been taken hostage, I"m pretty certain by a 2 year old photographer in the making. Usually I"ll just have to ask him where the camera is and he tootles away, and comes back with it. Today/tonight seemed either I've annoyed him by asking him where Momma's camera is(or he calls it his "cheese" )or he just doesn't remember.