Saturday, July 30, 2011

just another Saturday night

My youngest. He's a real looker ain't he? He constantly does funny things like this. I'm not sure why he's missing his shirt this time. And the fact this was taken at my mom's and his shirt is missing makes it more mysterious cause he'll get nekkid at home here no prob...not at his "honey's" house, as he calls his grandmother. He used to call me honey, but has passed the loving nickname down to my mother. He loves the heck outta that woman. Those two share enough giggles and squeals, chases.. she says the same thing I do "You're lucky you're cute"... casue otherwise he'd get himself in some deep trouble.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Story hour at the library

We had story hour tonight at the library. Grandpa was even there to join us, as was grandma. Grandpa came right from work!

We (they) got to pet bearded dragons

Mini alligators, which my kids weren't too sure about at first

And an Albino something or other snake. It was a good story hour.

Monday, July 25, 2011

some photo editing I"ve been doing

These next couple are about a boy who died when he was 13.

When his "anniversary" comes, I"ll talk about it more.

He was a beautiful soul, and although claimed not to like children

he took mine in as a brother

And his momma misses him every second of every day.....

Friday, July 22, 2011

Five for Friday

1. They say the heat wave has broken. I beg to differ...seriously. I stepped outside today and I was taken aback by the humidity. I scowled even. I think I even said some not nice words. I think the weatherman is WRONG. Just sayin.

2. The younger ones in this household tried to execute world domination today against their leader. Many battles were fought, and in the end I think it was a tie. This Leader is exhausted and so are the mini wanna be world dominators who are already fast asleep in bed. I was persistant in time outs and what not, however, their strength, persistance and younge age gave them the upper hand at times. Three against one isn't always a great shot during the day. All daddy does is raise his voice and they stop. Perhaps I need to get a daddy voice.

Hopefully Monday, when it rolls around will be better. If not, I might go into hiding. We all know we have our good days and bad days and boy.... today wasn't classified as a good one. At least not for this

3. School shopping must start soon. I have the oldests first day outfit, and I got it at kmart for under 10 bucks for shorts and a shirt. I have been looking around for my Daughters first day outfit and I can't find anything I like or I think is reasonably priced. Kmart doesn't have a good girls selection in her size. lots of short shorts, which I call "Hootchie wear" and I refuse to send her to school in that. She's 4 not 14. Even at 14 I don't think I'd let her dress like that.

4. I saw my doctor the other day and he just increased a medication dose. However when I went to the pharmacy, he had it all screwed up and they had called him twice to clarify because him and his "nurse" had everything all mixed up. Its a good thing the pharmacy pays attention. and its a good thing I PAY ATTENTION, because this is like the second time they've made an error. And I left without my increase because they hadn't gotten it right STILL. Really, cardiologists are very high paid and hes rated at one of the "best" in his field. Then what's the problem?

5. I don't really have any new pictures. I"m too tired from being chased by 3 kids all day. I try to pull the camera out and they all run. I think its because they are hiding proof of their secret plans for world domination and don't want proof on film. (kidding really)... Its just in summer, we go to the pool and I dont bring my camera cause I dont have time and I dont want to get it wet or stolen. So I chose a picture of our Cat. Who is in heat and almost impossible to shut up. Who has to get to the vet to get fixed or we might all go crazy and seek hiding. We got her from a friend who was going to give her to humane society. She's a wonderful cat, just not wonderful when in heat. We let our youngest name him since the other two were gone. Her real name is ready for this "weinerbutt"...but usually our kids call her "baby" or... "kittypie"...or "kittykitty" weinerbutt....thats what we get for letting him name her.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

we're having a heat wave... a tropical heat wave

I don't tolerate heat well at all. Seriously I tend to break down and almost tantrum at the thought of living without air conditioning or things like that.
I was pregnant with Jax, our youngest during the summer and I remember we moved in late August/September and we moved into this little old house that when we toured it , it had a window unit. When we moved in, TA-DA, that was gone. We went a few days without air and I was miserable. Like crying, moping swearing to goodness I would melt and die. Being heat intolerant is one thing but being pregnant on top of it? Ohmygoodness. Luckily my husband found a window unit where I camped out in front of the rest of the warm weathered days.

So this heat wave we're having? went from a "heat advisory " to a "heat warning" or whatever. Really? where its been 97Degrees today with a humidity index of like 80? yeah. Not happy.

luckily we have a/c in our apartment, but we need every fan and wish to get it back to where we sleep. and I haven't been sleeping the best and not sleeping the best triggers the whole heart issue I'm having issues with...
I had that ablation like 6 weeks back. two weeks after I started having reoccuring symptoms, where my pulse would jump real high again and then the PVC's would come back. we switched back and forth between medications and I was pretty miserable. Then we went back to ONE medication and it was good for a while. Then I had to wear a holter monitor after an ambulance trip to the ER, and tomorrow is my check up with my electrocardiologist. I know the results from the holter weren't the best. Basically its like the surgery didn't really help. so now they have to, no WE have to decide on a treatment plan and I'm really hesitant on adding more medications. I don't know what way to go from here, but my body is pretty sick of medications they way it is. I feel pretty wiped out from all the adding, subtracting and turning around of medications. That's hard on anyones body.
so the heat, lack of sleep, the heart issue makes me pretty crabby and the kids fighting like cats and dogs?
fall can come any time now.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

heat advisory until thursday 9pm

We're under a heat advisory until Thursday at 9pm.
I hate that kinda heat. Where you go outside and theres no room to breathe because not only is it hot out, the humidity is near 100%.
We took the kids out for 10 minutes before much tantruming went on about being hot,
I can't wait for thursday at 9pm

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Snow white and Prince Charming

A few weeks back while visiting my father in law out in the country, my dear husband rescued two kittens from the "burn pile"(where they burn garbage), he heard this little "meeewing" and went back into the itch weed to further investigate. He found these two small baby kittens. My father in law has been bottle feeding them for a few weeks . The last time I saw them a few weeks ago, they weren't really moving or doing much. Today we visited and holy cow! What a change! they were climbing all over, meowing and learning to pounce, climb in things like paper bags, they wrestle eachother and have all sorts of fun. I"m glad He found them because otherwise they'd have probably never made it. We've saw the mother but the mother is pretty sick. "Farm cats" are usually outside cats, they learn to fend for themselves but they also can get sick and catch alot of illnesses which we think their mother has. Over the years I have named all the farm kitties, and these two are no different. Snow white and Prince Charming. I don't care that they're both girls...its just how their names came to They are so playful and loving . My children have never seen kittens that small. They oohed and aaahed over them, my 4 year old liked them from a distance but for whatever reason when they got close up, she'd kinda freak

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The first week

The first week of my husbands new job is quickly wrapping up.

How do I feel about it? Well part of me is relieved because that means the weekend is coming and part of me is relieved to have another adult in the house to share my insanity with.

Our mornings are usually very good, quiet and I get the housework done and theres very little arguing. Like I've previously said, I believe this is when the children gather and plan world domination, starting with mom and dad. I haven't been able to find concrete evidence on this yet but I'm working on it.
Once the lunchtime hour hits, crap hits the fan and its like I feel the domination factor has began. I'm quickly outvoted, out numbered, and out favored in many to all decisions. Tempers flare among the children, tattling reaches new heights every day and there is many scuffles and rarely any blood. I try to take them outside where playing for 10 minutes lasts until I hear "its tooooo hot mo-0m!" or I walk them up the street to grandmas house to visit but the hill we have to climb is steep and usually much complaining is done and much "do you want to turn around and go home" is said . Sometimes I ponder going the long way to grandmas house JUST to get outta climbing that hill. The long way around would be a 2.2 mile walk around "the block". Cause once again it doesn't have the "hill of death" and theres many things we talk about and see while we're walking. Sometimes we run into interesting people, hence the man in the sleeveless iron maiden shirt with the long hair and backpack, or we get trucks to beep their horns and we play redlight greenlight and stop to ..well just because. My littlest guy is 2 and we must rememeber, like momma, he has short

Today I had a really lazy morning. We all climbed back in my bed and watched cartoons. usually I"m up and cleaning and doing things but today? not so much. And it was one of those mornings where I had to get up for a doctors appointment that my dad nicely agreed to take me to since the hubby has the only car at work. I got everyone dressed and ready and picked up. We dropped my children off with my mother, and headed to my appointment...ONLY to find out the doctors nurse scheduled me when he wasn't even in the office. So that was a huge dissapointment and things like that make me cry for whatever reason so then I cried the whole way home. When you don't feel good and think "wow I might get some answers" and then you don't see your doctor, its kinda a huge let down...

We drove back to my parents house where all my children were glad to see me. My ever insightful 4 year old daughter said "momma were you crying" and I told her no and not to worry about it. She's all rough and tumble but she does have this soft spot for things like that. I was taken back to my house with my smallest one who was cranky(as well as this momma was) and we snuggeld up in my bed and took a nap for once while the other two stayed at grandmas house. My 2 year old is the snuggliest child ever. he had his drink , his blankey and his momma. What more could that boy want? we snuggled and slept.
but usually when you let the little tiny boy sleep, he runs around like you've given him an energy drink and doesn't go to sleep at a nice time(this means before 10 or 11pm) but he actually did fall asleep aroudn 9pm so that was a relief.

Not sure whats on our friday game plan. Probably some outside time or maybe a trip to grandmas house. Not sure what grandma is up to, we'll have to call to see. Or maybe out to see our friend Jesse. She lives out in the country where the kids can run, scream, fight bloody murder and no one

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesdays

well so it goes

My children had wonderful times spending the weekends with different grandparents. I slept late and loved it. I missed them but these are the rare times where I don't "have" to get outta bed. So I just stayed in until about noon or so each

My husband and I recently switched roles as where he has gone back to work and I'm the stay at home person now.
Well, with that being said.....
Monday went well. I was like "wow, this should be pretty good !"
then today came. I think my kids figured out how things "should" be with mom around since Dad's now at work. I think they gave me one day to plan evil things and plot world take over and today the plotting was put into action.
its 7:22pm and I'm EXHAUSTED.
And I've only had 2 diet sodas today. That in itself is a huge miracle for me. I've been trying to cut down since my ablation.
Living in an apartment with three children is an adventure, let me tell you.

Lake memories

This is not a recent picture. This is actually from July of last year. But its one of my favorite places to go. Its a place where we used to live, and its right on Lake Michigan. I've never lived on a lake until we moved there for 3 years . I think the lake is beautiful, and awe-inspiring and the marina when the boats are all there, is my favorite time. In winter it just looks cold and empty without all the boats in place. I get excited when we drive out there in spring and you can see the boats coming back in.

Infact, we're headed out that way tomorrow as we're dropping off our two youngest children at my mother in laws house for the night. I know I'll want to drive down there just to see how things are. They have so many things going on by the lake.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

a day in the country

My kids getting tractor rides at my father in laws today

Isn't this little shed just awesome? I think they should fix it up as like a play house.

A toad...

My two oldest refusing to pick it up but content on watching it

Do you know how hard it is to get three kids looking decent for a photo?

Bella and my hubby on the tractor

Flowers at my father in laws house.