Sunday, September 30, 2012

as the world turns

I love the fall colors that are showing up in our neck of the woods. I made an entry two entries ago, this top shot actually the same view, so you'll have to scroll back to see if theres any noticable changes.
 This weekend was unseasonably warm, and we played outside, and then went to the park where I found these pretty fall colors. What was really enchanting was the leaves quietly falling down like snowflakes below each tree in their own colors. I love fall for this reason. I love the colors..the cooler weather, halloween, pumpkin patches, sweatshirts.... I love fall.
 The below picture is my latest goodwill shopping find. My grandmother , otherwise fondly known as "yaya" got me started on wine glasses. We found these older thicker colored wine type glasses that I ABSOLUTELY adore. I have quite a few colored ones, however this one is my new one. And I think its beautiful. I don't collect many things, but since yaya has passed, its kinda like keeping on in her memory. And for $1.99, who could go wrong?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Its not always sunshines and rainbows

Marriage and kids, lets face it, its not always "sunshine and rainbows".
I'll start by saying..I love my husband and I love my kids and my family. But some days, a mom just simply has too much.

I thought of writing this while I was scrubbing the kitchen floor tonight, while half way done, my husband gets up, comes into the kitchen and says "why don't you ask for help?" and then goes over on the wet floor to get the trash can so he can sweep, then tells ME to wait a minute while he sweeps.
Yes sweetheart, let me just wait with my bucket and sponge because obviously we were not that busy....

I'm not one of those mothers who really "enjoy" being a stay at home mom. I'm in between jobs right now and while I love my kids and love my husband(I've said this twice now) I enjoy working, I"m a people person and love being out of the house. I enjoy doing things with my family and I enjoy doing things myself. Thats just me being honest.

I don't enjoy picking up after others who are able to pick up their own mess. I do clean the kids room to reorganize toys and put things in the correct spots and really love even more that just after I finish, a certain 3 year old boy comes sprinting past me yelling "I go make a big mess now" as he's thrilled to have room to play.

I put the kids in the tub, with the reminder "leave the water in the tub" go to sit for a minute and hear "oh oh".. somehow my warning obviously hadn't hit their ears yet. So now the bathroom floor just got soaked.

And how many times to moms sit down to eat, and have to get up about 5 hundred times to get different things and the thought comes through my mind "I didn't want hot food anyways"??

When I ask people to pick up their rooms or clean up their messes I get "oh mom, you're so unfair" and other completely atrocious whines.

Whats unfair is that mom, while loving her children she brought into this world with all her heart hears those words because there are alot of people who have it alot worse children. And I remind them that at least they have toys to clean up, and food on the table and clothes on their backs. I teach them that in other countries, even THIS country kids don't have nice toys and nice clothes. I tell them that not every child has a "nice" mommy either who cleans up after them.

Sometimes mommy just gets burned out. And wishes for bedtime when peace and quiet are observed.

Friday, September 21, 2012

its just me again....

We've been busy over in our neck of the woods. My oldest has joined cubscouts so we've been going to meetings aka "pack meetings" and soon he'll start "den meetings" so thats twice a month. He's pretty excited to join this, although I'm pretty sure he's unaware of what it all involves.

The above picture, my youngest took. " Chalk..Purpra Chalk momma". He loves getting ahold of my camera. I thought the picture turned out rather nice myself.
 Proof that fall is RIGHT around the corner. Taken yesterday when sitting outside with the youngest while the two others were in school. I love the changing of the leaves!

The Cast of the middle child finally came off last week. She was so relieved that it came off. She complained about it ALL THE TIME. Then when it came off, she complained she missed it. But now she can really do better in school with writing and such since it was on her right hand.
This is my supper helper the other night while I made Chili . He thought he was very scary, while on the other hand, I thought he was very adorable. We've been spending lots of one on one time together since Bella is in all day kindergarten now. He's usually always very eager to help with the cooking.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

They say it takes a village to raise a child

The old quote says "it takes a village to raise a child" right?

What happens to the quote when you have more than one child? Are you supposed to divide up your children into different villages? Are you only supposed to have one child depending on how many people are in your village?

I have three kids. However, we all know it starts at just one. I did the single mom thing for a while, and during this period I worked two jobs. Had it not been for my small "village" of people around me, nothing would have been possible. My mom and dad watched my son for me while I worked second shift until bedtime, then my grandmother watched him at my place, bathed him and rocked him and played with him and put him to bed. They supported me emotionally as well.
When I got married and had two more kids, I had my husbands help, my parents help, the inlaws help and other friends around us. Our "village" slowly expanded.
When my first child went to school, again the people I considered passage into our "village" expanded again....his teachers, the teachers aides, the people who worked at the school, from top to bottom....all became part of our village.
When my second one now started in school, again our village once again expanded to HER teachers and people who work at the school from top to bottom.

You can't have a village without considering everyone having a special part, no matter how big or small. You have to remember people like bus drivers and school secretaries because each of these people play a part in your childs life.

There had been a discussion lately in the papers about "what now I have to thank even people like bus drivers and janitors for my education?" and I answered "yes, yes you do". Why you ask? Without that bus driver, would you have gotten to school safely and on time every day? without that janitor, would you have a clean environment to better your learning? Without people like teachers, no matter what the subject, would your education have gotten along without them? How about the people who make school lunches? Without them, some kids wouldn't have anything to eat, and the studies show kids who eat better, do better in school. So yes you even have to thank the lunch ladies.
Who else is a part of my village that I'm thankful for? Doctors, without them, I'd be without guidance when my children are sick(or injuried as they seem to be pretty clutzy), Dentist, without them, everyone in my family would have bad teeth, the people who work at retail places that I interact with, like the bank, the grocery store, the gas station, the pharmacy, etc. Without these people, business would cease to run and we'd have to find other means to find groceries and people to keep our money in a safe spot and we'd probably have to go back to growing mold to procure penicillian , grow our own food, shoot our own animals for supper. I"m not sure about you, but I'm pretty domestically challanged the way it is, even though my mother surely tried to teach me these skills, but I don't want to hunt my own food.  And I"m thankful for police officers and fire fighters and ambulance workers, because they keep us in check by making sure we're doing whats right by the law, come to our houses to put out fires at all hours of the day or night and sometimes even miss family things at a moments notice and ambulance people help us also in emergencies, big and small, again at all hours of day and night. I'm thankful for the people like pastors and other men of faith who guide each and every one of us in our own spirtual journey, no matter what it is you believe.
See where I"m going with this? You have to sit back and consider how each person affects you in your daily life and in your childrens daily lives. And believe it or not, alot of people don't often enough get something as small and simple as a "thank you" and "great job".
what people are you thankful for? who are the people in your village that perhaps you haven't thought of in a while?

Monday, September 10, 2012

second week of school

The second week of school has officially started. School seems to be going well for both of my older children. Bella is in all day kindergarten and while I worried about her being in school all day, once again she's amazed me at being actually very non-challant about it. I worried she'd be lonesome or miss mom and dad or grandma...however she seems to be handling it ok. She gets up every morning excited to go. I also worried about her eating lunch at school and carrying the tray with her arm still in a cast but that doesn't seem to be an issue either. Except if you ask her what she had for lunch, she always tells me "I dunno!". lol

4th grade is quiet so far for my oldest. He's not so much a morning person so we struggle there. We struggle getting up in the morning, struggle getting in the shower, getting dressed, getting breakfast in him...but he seems to be liking it so far. Hes smart as smart can be so he does well academically.

Our youngest is 3. And not in school. And is quite lonesome during the day without his brother and sister. He does spend mornings a few times a week at grandmas house to pass the time and play with other kids, which helps. Last week during the first few days, he helped me drop off Jace at school and walk Bella into her classroom, and he seemed to like that. We talked about how he'll be a big boy when its time for HIM to finally go. Then this momma will be lonesome and sad.

We've been busy with visiting the dentist, joining cubscouts, doing homework and the like. Luckily for us, the days have been warm and the nights cool where you can open windows.

Summer will be leaving us soon...I love fall.