Monday, March 22, 2010

10 things about me

Here we go with 10 things about me.

1. I love black and white photos.

2. I love taking pictures period!

3. My dad and brother are both in the corrections field as well.

4. The person I call the most every day is my mom.

5. I love the color blue.

6. I feel all my children have big feet.

7. I love reading anything, but especially Jodi Picoult.

8. If I could go back to school I would go back to be a police officer.

9. I've always wanted to learn to shoot a gun.

10. Dust drives me crazy.


  1. What? Only ten things? Slacker. :P

  2. Hi Kasie!

    Found you blog through the BlogFrog, and had to stop by! (Jodi Picoult fan here, too!!)

    I wasn't sure if you were aware or not, (and I don't want to offend you in anyway...) but there is another blog called "Coloring Outside the Lines". As a blog owner, I know that our names/titles are very important to us...and I have no idea, maybe you already contacted her and asked her for permission?!

    Who knows?!

    Good luck on your blog journey! This really is a fun outlet (addicting!!)!