Saturday, September 11, 2010

saturday night update

We went to see my old steel drum band, Jace got a chance to go onstage and play.

well I haven't been around a whole lot lately. School has began and between that and work, things here have been pretty busy. I image those of you who continue to read this also have pretty busy lives!

School has been going well for Jace. He continues to amaze me with how smart he is. He's always been a quick learner, learning things like his counting and ABC'S from little at 3 he had things pretty well mastered. He was an early crawler, walker and so forth. He had been off his bottle at 9 months and never looked back. Pacifiers on the other hand...whew that was a long haul we were in for.

Bella is a bit lost without her big brother in the house all the time. She has no one else besides her little brother to create mass chaos with or boss around. But she doesn't lack any skill or anything like that, it still continues. We're still also trying to make the move from co-sleeping to her sleeping in the bunk beds(bottom bunk of course)

Jax we're still working at moving to the cuppy. He really really doesn't want it at night or naps. We're working on it though. He also either really loves sleep/naps or hates it and rebels against the whole system. He's also great at quickly taking his clothes off.

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