Tuesday, January 31, 2012

150th post

Well its my 150th post! whoop whoop!

Its been a while again since I've blogged. Between my work schedule and the kids, its been really hectic. I've been on orientation at the new job, one week on day shift, the next week on pms, repeat repeat....

The good news is I"m FINALLY off orientation and on one shift(second) and things appear to be going well.

Family wise:
Jace: got his report card for second quarter, he got all A's! We are all very proud of him for this. He's always been a good student and catches on quickly. He's always gotten his spelling tests with 100% each week as well.

Bella: Went to her first "friends" birthday party this past weekend. Before now, we've only gone to family birthday parties and such and this was her first one where she was dropped off and picked up. She had A BLAST. She of course didn't want to leave when time was up. But I consider that a good thing!

Jax: He finally POOPED on the potty today while I was at work! We've been doing some serious potty training and he's been doing really good. He's enjoying "daddy" time since my hubby is on layoff right now and I'm at work. They get along almost better when I'm not here...lol

So those are my highlights. I"m exhausted and my feet hurt.

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