Saturday, March 3, 2012

sick day

That's right folks.

Yesterday being Friday, we got this huge snowstorm. Well actually not as big as they predicted but still. We've had an usually mild winter here in Wisconsin *quietly knocks on wood* and I"m loving it. So it was my scheduled day off and being a snow storm was coming our way, I ran to the grocery store and came home to wait it out with my family.
Then my tooth started hurting. I've had a bad tooth for over a year or so now. More than that actually. I broke it off(ok 75% of it) eating doritos way back when. it didn't really hurt when it broke. Its been breaking off in pieces since. Why haven't I gone to the dentist like an adult? Duh , obviously because I'm so TERRIFIED of the dentist. So back to the tooth at hand...buahahah I crack myself up. The tooth was hurting, the snow was blowing, along with the wind and there was no way I was going anywhere to do anything about it. Last night it was getting worse. This morning I woke up to a very sore tooth and mouth. Like to the point where if I sat up in bed, my face felt like it was going to pop off.

I called into work.
I"m not a "calling into work" type gal.
My husband and I dropped the kids off at my father in laws house and he took me to urgent care. Urgent care said I have an abcess. Which involves antibiotics and pain killers.
The tooth stays quiet if I feed it pain killers. I can actually function and do normal things like eat and swallow while on said pain killers. Though I feel a bit funny while doing so.As soon as the pain killers wear off a teeny bit, my tooth reminds me that it hates me and starts hurting very quickly.

Tomorrow I"m going back to work. The doc only gave me an excuse for one day. Which is fine really, its just that its not quite legal to drive while on pain killers or work while on pain killers. Work is going to be enjoyable(sarcasm inserted here).

And hopefully I sleep on painkillers. This kind usually wires me for sound.

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