Tuesday, December 18, 2012


This little guy turned FOUR today. The last of my babies, the last time we get a 4th birthday party, the last time anyone in this house turns 4. He has brought 4 years of happiness to our family. He was born via induction, and I remember waking up that morning, and it was cold as all get out (Hello wisconsin winter) and the roads were covered with snow. Much like today. And my labor was about 20 hours, although my midwife promised me it would be "the fastest of all three kiddos"(not so much) and the day he was born, we got 13 inches of snow! I was basking in the newness of a new baby boy, however worried no one would be able to visit because of the many inches of snow we had. (I was wrong).

He , I remember, developed jandice and we almost thought he wasn't going to come home with us. WE almost thought we were not going to be allowed to leave the hospital as there was so much snow and blizzard like conditions, they were making many people stay. But we all came home and he had a Biliblanket he had to stay on until christmas. He had to have his levels checked daily, and the first day it had to be back at the hospital, which was a 30 minute trip and during those days, it was about minus 20 below. Fantastic baby weather. Finally his levels went down and the biliblanket went away.

He has been a happy baby...serious at times but over all, very happy. Hes the only child who still loves to snuggle with his momma, who still clings to his momma and likes to be with either mom or dad, with the rare exception of one of his grandparents. We snuggle and snuggle and he wakes up happy and ready to go each morning. He loves his brother and sister with all his heart, he's always letting them share in his joys, and his toys. Today when he got a new green power ranger from grandma and grandpa, he said "Oh I will let Jace play with it too!" and when we go to the store, he always grabs a treat for both siblings.

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