Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Welcome February

Well , the children have gotten over having the Influenza B. After a few extra trips to the doctors and Emergency room, we're cured. Or they're cured. At any rate , everyone is back in school and I have my sanity back. Having all three home on a normal day is hectic, but having all three home and sick is a whole other game.....

Lets see...We've gotten a cat. Her name is Minnie and she's beautiful. Shes the friendliest most patient cat ever, which in this house is a great thing. She lets the kids pick her up all the time and carry her around. She really seems to enjoy the children of this house and favors my husband over anyone. She enjoys getting her tummy rubbed and sitting in the window.

Over here in Wisconsin, we're expecting yet again another snow storm. Seriously, this winter crap is SO overrated. Who wants to dress three kids in snow pants, coats, hats, mittens, boots, school bags and such, take them to school on crappy roads, then come to find out school is called off early because someone didn't have enough sense to cancel it in the first place? We've had so much snow, its getting old quickly. Last winter we hardly had any, now we're getting paid back. I like snow, its pretty but snow in large amounts? People panick and drive like idiots and idiot drivers plus the school drop off line is no good. I"m not a morning person and have huge rage over people who can't follow simple drop off line rules, then you add snow and crappy drivers? Yeah, not such a good way to start your morning. And how do schools think that if you take your kids to school for them to cancel it early, how do parents who work get their kids home? Seriously, just cancel school and if you dont' get as much snow as projected, oh well, at least parents have a heads up on what to do with their kids for the day. And lets not talk too much about people in the grocery stores the night before a big snow storm is expected to hit. Thats mass chaos right there. I swear people are playing that old game "supermarket sweep" and just not obeying any polite shopping rules.

We're also getting ready for valentines day. With three kids who have to hand them out, its been quite the time getting them ready. I still have to shop for one more kids valentines. My oldest who is 9, he told me today "My girlfriend said I have to give her a valentines day present or she wont be my girlfriend anymore" are getting smarter much younger these days.

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