Wednesday, October 19, 2011

how to make halloween cookies

How do you make halloween cookies?

First you need fistfulls of sprinkles. Doesn't matter if they stick all over.

Clothing is merely optional.And great concentration is also needed. And you need to be cute.

Sunglasses may also be needed. The orange frosting gets real bright. Again, clothing is optional. We got hot quick in our house.

Again going over the rules, cute, clothing optional, great concentration, lots of sprinkles...check check check and check.

See...this many sprinkles are needed to make great cookies. Or more.

Cause its not awesome until they're all over the floor momma scrubbed the night before. And you must also shake excess sprinkles from your hands onto the floor.

Oh and having pre-bought cut out cookies help. Cause unlike MY momma did, we don't cook them ahead. Because THIS momma tends to burn things, and then its not edible. Just sayin....

And lots and lots of orange frosting. The brighter the better. Using utensils are also optional. Who needs to keep the sprinkles from sticking everywhere?

And then you must shove that newly decorated cookie into your mouth much like a dog and shake your head around, hence spraying more sprinkles all over mom's freshly scrubbed floors.

Your uneaten product will look something like this. The more sprinkles you can pile on is always better. More is more... and the more on the table the better. Cause you know you can just SWEEP them onto the floor and TADA the table is clean.

You can take a bite out of the stems of your cookies and put them back for others to eat. Because sampling is allowed. Because who really needs the stems anyways.

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