Tuesday, October 11, 2011

its tuesday right?

I think I"m going crazy lately. My two year old, my youngest is awfully attatched to me lately. Its like having a third leg. Its just me and him in the afternoons and usually he's really good at playing on his own so I can do stuff around the house. But lately he's really up my butt. You ever see that whole family guy episode where Stewey is going "Mom, mom, momma, mom" over and over until she snaps? that's what he did tonight. I almost done near snapped! My husband is all "answer him" and I was. He just kept it up cause he was he knew he could break me..LOL.

Then my husband and I took him to my mothers house with the other kids because we had parent teacher conferences for our oldest tonight and weren't even gone an hour and my mom said he cried the whole time. He just didn't know what to do with himself when he's not up my butt. If I'm there WITH him, he's fine, goes off and plays. But I left him yesterday there for like an hour and he didnt even know I left. But tonight he saw us leave and I think that bothered him.

I know we all love our kids but there comes a point where you can only take so much of them being up our butts. I think I"m coming to that point. and usually he goes to bed relatively good. Tonight? when momma needs the peace and quiet? hes up like hes strung out on sugar which he's not. He's just really into breaking the rules I guess.

Its a good thing he's cute.

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