Thursday, June 21, 2012

our mini vaca

Our mini vacation ended this past wednesday. We kinda ended it on a bumpy note. We had been staying at a waterpark/resort about an hour and a half from home. My youngest, Jax and I were on our way into our room to fetch our shoes from swimmnig to go decorate cookies. I opened the door towards me(the outside door) and heard a bloody scream. His poor little foot had gotten caught under the door and sliced a huge gaping wound into it. 
So off to the urgent care we went(after some first aid) and 5 stitches later we were done there. He did very well. Very little crying other than at first. Unfortunately there was no more swimming or getting wet for him but he did very well with this. 
Oddly enough when my oldest was 3, at the same resort, same time of year, he recieved 5 stitches as well. Boys are just toughies aren't they? 
More hair dye please...........

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