Saturday, June 30, 2012

just another weekend, we're having a heat wave!

Someone let mother nature know we get her point. Its been hot as...well you know. Like heat indexes of over 100. I can deal with it for a few days, however long stretches are not going over well. Our A/C is working overtime baby! And not a drop of rain , consider us so lucky! We no longer have green lawns(except for my parents who water their grass), its nice and brown. And Prickly. And yucky.
So we've been rotating, Swimming at grandmas house..then air conditioning. Some days its just too hot to even venture outside. And some people in other states are receiving TOO MUCH rain. Can't mother nature balance us out a bit? huh?

In other news, Jax got his stitches out of his foot this past Friday. He was such a trooper and never even flinched. So now hes got butterfly type bandages over it and some cream to help heal it the rest of the way. But he can finally wear shoes now and swim. He had a long 10 day stretch without swimmnig and quick 5 minute showers/baths to get clean. Stitches are for winter! Not summer!

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