Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for my beautiful daughter. She is in her snow white costume at the local halloween party at school. She brings me much joy with her antics, and the way she comes up with things. She's only five but sometimes you do have to wonder.
I am thankful for the funnies my children provide me. My two pictured here are only 20 months apart and are constantly either doing something fun/naughty together, or getting in trouble together. I am thankful that usually its not so often "naughty"
I am thankful for the three of my children combined. Jace being the oldest had almost 4 full years of being an "only child". We worried about how he'd feel with a new baby sister, would he feel left out? Would he feel jealous ? Would he feel angry? Nope. He just accepted her like she'd been there his whole life. Because he's just like that. I"m thankful for my daughter being a "little mother" as we call her. She's constantly checking up on the "boys" to make sure they're "walking the line" so to speak. Shes very soft hearted yet can be serious as if she's really in charge.(I wonder where she learns this.....) I'm thankful for my youngest, as he is my "baby" and still likes to snuggle me and still wants to hang out with me..most times. I know this soon will stop. I am thankful for the dynamic of all three together.
I am thankful for my "boys" as we call them around the house. Their dynamic is simple and laid back. Though being the youngest and oldest, they are often found together kicking back, playing video games, watching netflix, playing power rangers, or creating some game. I am thankful they have loyal long life friends in eachother.
I am thankful for my family. For they provide me much comic relief, love and endless love.
what are YOU thankful for?

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