Monday, October 8, 2012

weekend packed with fun.

 This weekend we went to a parade, where it was very cold  and the wind was bitter so we had to bundle up in layers and wait for the parade to come
 The above picture is my oldest getting the boyscout float ready for the parade. Thankfully we were in a pole shed that took us out of the elements so it wasn't *as* bad.
 There were chickens where we prepared the float for the parade. My children thought the chickens should be petted. They were some really tame chickens, and would follow all the boyscouts around. However, we were warned not to harass the chickens, for this makes them angry and then they won't lay eggs.
 My oldest after the parade. He has like 3layers on under his boyscout shirt because it was that chilly.
 Then last night after supper we made apples with caramel and sprinkles. Usually we do cut out cookies, but th grocery store did not have them at my last minute buy so we went with apples.
 It was decided no one really liked the caramel. So they ate apples with sprinkles.

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