Monday, November 19, 2012

I haven't been feeling very... bloggy lately. I apologize. We've been busy with everyone getting over the stomache thing, our towns holiday parade and what not. You know sometimes life just gets ahold of you and you don't seem to find time to sit down to write anything meaningful..
 My daughters hair is getting long. And being naturally curly, when its wet, its really long. I captured this photo the past weekend. I"m trying to recall when we last cut her hair. I think it was before school let out last year, but I"m unsure. I've decided to let it grow for a while and see where that takes us. Being curly, the longer it gets, it seems to chill a little more, the weight of it doesn't make it as poofy or curly. But she's got my thick hair, which in turns makes it harder to deal with. We share the shampoo, we've been using that new-ish scalp shampoo they have out and conditioner. I quit using kid stuff with her, because obviously, her hair just doesn't fit under "childrens" hair She looks older with longer hair though, so its bittersweet!
 This is her at the holiday parade last week. Yes our town had their holiday parade. Before thanksgiving. I guess they think everyone will get caught up in holiday things so why not do it now? It was a nice parade with lighting christmas lights in the park afterwards and some fireworks. Luckily it wasn't below 30 degrees that I know of, so it wasn't too bad of weather. Its been way worse .
Above are the three of my children in their power ranger masks they often play with. The boys are really into mario stuff yet, but we're slowly transitioning into Power rangers. I"m not sure which honestly annoys me more. The power rangers have swords, or whatever they call them. I call them swords, but I get corrected at all points. I can't keep up with the changing trends of the children. But they like them and it keeps them occupied, even though usually I wouldn't allow swords in my house...but since they're NOT ...what can a momma do???lol

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