Saturday, November 24, 2012

This above is my son and my niece breaking the "wishbone" on thanksgiving at my parents house. She won by the way, and her wish was to be a princess. She was very happy at this. My son wished to be a power ranger. But he wasn't really that disappointed... lol!

Being it was Saturday today, I slept in until Noon! WHAT? WITH THREE CHILDREN? Yup. They got up early and went to my father in laws house! My husband went to a guys gaming day with his friends or buddies or whatever guys call eachother. They all kissed me goodbye and off they went.
My mom texted me, asking me to go for manicures...oh yes please? We waited until my dad got home from work and off we went. We did some shopping and got some supper and I came home and started cleaning my still empty house.
Very lazy relaxed Saturday, which is nice for a change.

And Hello mother nature? It was 60's earlier this week. And then BOOM!!! Now we're in the 30's!!!! Make up your mind. I know its November and almost December but alot of us could adjust properly to the cold Wisconsin weather if Mother Nature would just pick a temp for more than 4 days.

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