Friday, August 5, 2011

Five for friday

1. I got to see both my beautiful nieces today. One is 10 months old and one is 5. They're both so beautiful and different in many ways. One is blonde and soft spoken and kinda held back. One is dark haired , loud and up front and bold. But they both steal a piece of this auntie's heart.

2. My husband is enjoying his new job. He continues to learn new things and excel at them at the same time. Its one thing to have a job, but its another thing to really seem to enjoy it. I think that makes going to work bearable. I mean, how many of us have had jobs that we just didn't want to go to, when that alarm went off in the morning, a zillion reasons went through your mind about why you shouldn't go in? I know I've been there. Or you get there and think "boy I'm crazy for walkin in these doors"...I know I"ve also been there.

3. On the home front, the smaller people of this house are still in full domination mode. However its been not as bad as its been. Some days are definately better than others. I was watching this morning talk show this morning thats always on right after the news as I was cleaning and my daughter who's 4 said "how come you're not on the news, are you too old".
Huh. I just raised my eyebrows at her as she's been on this age kick lately. I didn't even know how to answer that. The oldest boy of mine fails to see how making his bed or picking up his room is cool and tells me it's "lame" I tell him every day if it doesn't get done, every toy in the toybox will somehow end up on the floor in a huge pile, talk about "lame". Waaaa laaa the bed gets made and room cleaned. Of course it contains many grumbles about "mom, this is too hard" and 'Mom, this is lame"..and I just remind him of my lame comeback. My youngest who is 2 is boycotting toilet training. I went out and bought him some big boy underwear. He threw them back at me in MUCH disgust. I ask him where he should pee? "in my diaper". hmmm. But as soon as he's wet, he's hollering "wet, change me, wet!" and keeps on like a maniac until he's dry. Grandma tried putting him on the potty today and I think he had a nervous break down. So I guess in world domination, they don't cover potty training. That's minus one point for the small people.

4. health wise, all things for me at least seem to be ok. I've had some great energy spurts and the heart rates and PVC'S seem to be staying at bay right now *knocks on wood*. I've cut all caffinee out of my diet unfortunately, as I was a HUUUUUGE caffinee freak. I mean, how else does one manage 3 kids without it? slowly...ever so slowly... mornings are hard. lol.

5. all in all, I've say we've had a good week. My floors got scrubbed a day earlier than usually planned, however there are now parts that are sticky again(thank you grape jelly) and that bothers me, but all in all, its ok. I love to scrub floors by hand. ..and usually at night once the mini dominators are in bed. Tomorrow we're off to the fair! yeah! road trip!

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