Monday, August 22, 2011

holy cow!

Holy cow! I haven't written in here in a while. Which means we must be busy little bees!

1. My husband has been switched to second shift so we're trying to adjust to a new schedule. ANNNNND right before school starts as well.

2. I have two starting school soon. We've all the school supplies, so we're basically ready to go.

3. Been having bad headaches lately which makes a girl not want to write anything or stare at the computer.

4. Mini world domination is in full force since the hubby went to seond shift. They think bedtime must be overtaken by their small bodies but don't last long. We've done some rearranging and put our youngests toddler bed in with my oldest. Those two sleep great. Its the middle diva who refuses all inclination of her big girl bed.Divide and conquer perhaps? She tries, really wants to but then comes streaking back to our bed....sigh.

5. We've been keeping busy, going to the swimming pool, Monkey Joe's and grandmas house. I"ll upload pics once I get to the other computer!

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