Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday....

Pictured above : a few weeks ago we went on a road trip with my mom to Monkey Joes and then a picnic lunch and then stopped for ice cream! I almost ALWAYS have my camera near by and got a zillion pictures during the road trip. He starts school next week, 3rd grade. At third grade in the public school in our system, they get bumped to the "middle" school , or jr.high building with the other "jr high students" as its a 3-8 grade building. He's already talking how they have detentions. I 'm trying to explain how that's not a good thing to talk about getting. With his autism/aspergers, he really enjoys adult time over kids his age usually, and in the past in school, he ENJOYED being with the principal and other

Pictured above : My middle daughter will be going to half days of school starting next week. She needed two folders and these are what she picked. and a Hello Kitty "pack pack" as well. She has no idea what she's in for. We had a little "school get together" the other night where they simply played games..well yah, so she thinks this is just about games. Snorts.. My daughter tends to be a "shoot first, ask questions later" kinda gal. We parents had to fill out this information sheet and it says "if you could describe your child in three words, what would you say"...I'm thinking "shoot first, ask questions later" is more than 3 words. I wanted to write "warning, warning, warning" Shes very outspoken and usually the source of drama or trouble in our house. like 95% of the time. So I know we're in for it with school. But at the get together, she was really shy so I"m crossing my fingers she behaves.

Pictured above: is my youngest. These are "his keys". He's been going through this facination lately with his dad's set of keys and mine as well. He has to figure out the right key and try to help us by unlocking doors and entry ways, however causing much distruption by going through things like carrying up groceries as he's yelling "oh keys, I need keys" and trying to get into the apartment doors while having to pee really bad, while hes INSISTING on unlocking the door for you..while he fuddles around from key to key. Well he kept misplacing both sets of keys so I ran to the hardware store and the super nice people who worked there had a bucket of old keys that they pulled a handful out, cleaned them off, worked off the rough edges and gave to me FOR FREE. I paid 2 bucks for the key ring thingy. so now he has his "own" set and is very very happy.

Pictured above: my three children as we're waiting for grandma to pick us up for that road trip I spoke of above in the first picture. They're like...totally cool ya

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