Sunday, July 15, 2012

greetings...from us in Wisconsin

  I was sitting here tonight trying to figure out exactly what to blog about, besides the drought, the lack of rain(ok last night we did get 1/2 inch, but thats nothing really ) and then I hear from the living room "Look I pulled my loose tooth out!". So we got a very excited picture of her second lost tooth. She keeps trying to get me to touch her tooth that fell out. Um, no thanks, THIS momma doesn't like teeth period.
 Our grass is brown. Like the color of this lettering. The picture above shows some green grass only because the first grass nearest the picture is my parents lawn. And they water. The brown grass in the middle is what everyone elses grass looks like when they don't water. And the REALLY green grass is the  other neighbors. Which is what our lawns usually look like . Only we're stuck in the drought. But I guess I should be glad we're not caught in the floods that others have.
And one of my crazy sons. Always looking not quite so normal when the camera comes out. What can I say? They're hams and they know it. We stopped swimming at grandmas today to have a popsicle break, and I asked them to say "cheese"...this was what I got. Go figure.

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