Thursday, July 26, 2012

My oldest...

 My oldest , who is 9, is rarely caught on camera much anymore. You know, because he's cool, and fast and comes up as a blur alot so ...I have to pick and choose battles as a mom. He's also the kid to pose the weirdest or funniest and then immediately have to see the pictures. He's also the one to make videos on his 3DS and laugh at himself for a long time. Today he caught a few rays of sun at grandmas house after he took a few laps around the house. Then he was exhausted and still..... so I was able to catch a picture.
His favorite color is purple. Has been for a long time. Insists things must be all purple. Unfortunately, thats not the way the world always works, but at 9, he insists it does. But he does have a pair of sneakers that are BRIGHT orange that he loves. I'm sure if we could have found purple, he'd have been in love. He wishes even his medicine would be purple. His picture above, I took him into urgent care for this cough he had, which they said was viral and gave him liquid steriods(which just should have been called liquid sugar!) and said he should be fine after that. But they made him wear a mask, which he thought was PERFECT photo time for him. He swore he could "smell his germs" inside his mask. Unfortunately, they don't make masks in purple either. And unfortunately, if you've ever wore a mask, you'd know they don't really smell the best...maybe that IS how germs smell?

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