Sunday, September 30, 2012

as the world turns

I love the fall colors that are showing up in our neck of the woods. I made an entry two entries ago, this top shot actually the same view, so you'll have to scroll back to see if theres any noticable changes.
 This weekend was unseasonably warm, and we played outside, and then went to the park where I found these pretty fall colors. What was really enchanting was the leaves quietly falling down like snowflakes below each tree in their own colors. I love fall for this reason. I love the colors..the cooler weather, halloween, pumpkin patches, sweatshirts.... I love fall.
 The below picture is my latest goodwill shopping find. My grandmother , otherwise fondly known as "yaya" got me started on wine glasses. We found these older thicker colored wine type glasses that I ABSOLUTELY adore. I have quite a few colored ones, however this one is my new one. And I think its beautiful. I don't collect many things, but since yaya has passed, its kinda like keeping on in her memory. And for $1.99, who could go wrong?

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