Monday, March 14, 2011

its just me again

We did our holiday cookie decoration this weekend.
It required quite alot of serious thought.
Again, with the seriousness.and the Nekkid young one.
Like this is new to us. He tootles around in a diaper
most days no matter how many times I DRESS HIM.

Annnnd..more serious decorating going on. I think hes longing
for a cookie..cause since he's basically nekkid, whats to get dirty?

This is his baby. Not "his" but he's taken custody of it.
We have 2 of these type babies.."baby alive". For whatever reason
this baby also is nekkid most of the time although It did come with
clothes. And my niece handed down some size 1 diapers which she
(the baby) still floods in. But its a diaper. and its reusable!

This is how he rolls. Literally out of his bed onto the floor. I came into
our room one night to check on him. Alarmed I couldn't find him...
There he is.

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