Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nothing new from this part of the woods

Nothing new from me really. My husband and I got caught up in netflix recently and we've been watching the older seasons of Jersey Shore. I'm not sure what pulled me to that show, but then again, its like a trainwreck and you cannot stop yourself. Plus the guys on there are pretty much eye candy.

I also got what I thought what was a good idea and decided our apartment needed to be painted. Good idea, yes. Its nice and fresh and clean now but sometimes I should just smack myself when I think of these ideas.

So theres really not much to report. I've been low key and just hanging. We got more snow, theres a shocker.
hopefully soon something will happen and I can post about it. Tomorrow the repair guy comes to look at the fridge. Maybe that will spark a topic for me.

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