Sunday, March 6, 2011

Late sunday night

Like the title says, its late sunday night. Actually, now that I really looked at the time, its 12:04am, so its really MONDAY. Not another Monday!!!!!ahhhhhhh!!!!

I've been in a funk. I'm not really quite sure why. I"ve been reading and checking up on people and reading blogs but yet a funk I've acquired. Maybe its the constant cold, with one day sneaking in there of 40 degree weather... What I consider 40 warm and welcoming? Here in Wisconsin, after how many months of below zero temperatures, and piles and piles of snow, and more snow, freezing rain and other wintery havoc we've ensued, I'll gladly welcome a 40 degree day. We had one earlier last week. I opened the windows and let the fresh air in. I breathed in the teasing warmer winds and hoped for spring. Knowing full well in Wisconsin we could possibly still recieve much more snow and wintery type days. So it was just a tease and set us back with more snow. Just again, as the snow was almost melted, we spent one afternoon watching the piles of snow slide down off the roof and onto the ground below us. Sounded kinda scarey actually! You'd hear this...I described it as "avalanche" sounding rumble and BOOM the snow hit the ground. I got the van washed eagerlly thinking we'd be out of the woods. Not a chance as cold and snow hit us again. Winters in Wisconsin are long and tiresome after a while.

We had my inlaws visit earlier last week. They had gotten back in Feb from Jamaica and since every time they attempted to visit us, we were hit by snow. They have about an hour drive out to us so traveling in the snow was ill advised. So they finally made it and brought back stuff for everyone. I recieved this darling bracelet I have not taken off yet. I'm not a fancy jewerly type of girl, but this one is really pretty and hopefully someday I'll get a decent pic of it. I don't wear much jewerly period. Just my wedding ring and this bracelet.

Then yesterday my two younger ones went with my husbands father and two hours later he called to say as he was on the way home with our two children, Bella puked in his truck! So I bathed her and cleaned her up and grandpa got to go home to clean up his mess in his truck. She had acted fine when she left, but turns out she had some type of stomache bug and was really quite miserable. She's quite the diva on a regular basis but a diva with the stomache flu was not fun. At all. I met whole new levels of whining. Now you're saying to yourself, hey, sick kids are allowed to whine. I get that, but goodness... I thought my last nerve was shot. Luckily for all of us she slept through the night and woke up this morning a better, less whiny girl. Which makes momma happy since she's stuck to my hip 20 hours of the day. I sanitized this house, scrubbed floors, did everything I could to hopefully(knocks on wood)prevent the other people remaining in this house not to catch the same thing. We even went for a car ride today out to Staples and Walmart. Sounds borning but it wasn't. It was a nice get away outta the house, I opened up the windows when I left to air out the germs, so to speak. It was near 40 today but cloudy so it doesn't count as a spring tease.

The kids and I cannot wait for spring. Bike rides and going to the park, getting out of the house without snowpants and boots and mittens and hats and freezing your tuckus off while being outdoors. When I was younger I LOVED playing out in the snow. Not so much anymore. I mean seriously they don't make snowpants in momma's sizes ! (well maybe they do but I'm not willing to pay an arm and leg for those either)... and I'm tired of losing hats and mittens.

So maybe that's what my funk is about. Maybe I lack vitamin D, which the sun gives off naturally. Maybe I should invest in some Vitamin D. Since the sun seldom feels like coming out. Or if I was rich, I could afford one of those light boxes that have been proven to work . Its like a box(duh really?) with this huge light inside, that you can plug in, put in a room and it helps your body feel like its in the sun . It also has been proven to help with depression,etc.

I do know that since my 2 year old has began sleeping in his toddler bed, he finds it cool to get out in the middle of the night at times. Not always but the other night, I caught him coming back IN to our bedroom(we have a 2 bedroom apt so he stays with us) and he was NEKKID. lol. I sit up and slap/punch my husband(narrowly avoiding the sleeping diva between us) and say "We have a naked cruiser!" and in the light of the nightlight, a pair of cute little butt cheeks we saw. We cracked up, even though it was like 3am. I diapered up his cute little behind and tucked him back in. The other night I heard him moving around and then BAM, He body slammed me! Then to make matters worse, he kicked me outta bed! I didnt know whether to laugh at this or cry. The next night he carefully climbed into our bed and layed on my back, singing his snuggle song that goes "rocky rock, rocky rock"... which then he rocks with you. I think he was trying to sweet talk his way into our bed, unlike the night before bodyslamming me for fun. Last night I thought "what could come tonight" but thankfully(knocks on wood) he stayed put.

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