Monday, March 7, 2011

Dearest young child

Dearest young child...
While momma approves and praises you for getting out of your bed while feeling the urge to puke(what a big boy trying to make a run for the toilet), it was awfully nice of you to puke in mom's hand on the way there. Not that it was your fault though. I mean I WAS the one who tried to catch it from going everywhere. Not to mention Momma is a nurse and should KNOW better that you cannot catch someones puke and contain it soley to your hand.

After making it into the bathroom, you then puked on the bathroom floor, which luckily for me, I haven't scrubbed ...yet. Daddy thought it was appropriate to come spray the towels and your pjs (which were on the pile O puke on the floor) with lysol to "fix" the situation. I guess his heart was in the right place.

But your final number of pretending to finish puking in the toilet, flushing the toilet and slamming the lid with authority really melted my heart.

You're lucky you're cute.
and that I love you.
enough even, to attempt to catch your pukes in my hand.
without gagging even. I should get a sticker for that.

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