Monday, May 9, 2011

My Little guy

My Little guy has a mind of his own. Hes a crazy mix of his siblings

yet he's very much his own person. Although when his brother and sister go away for the day

he doesn't quite know what to do with himself with just mom and dad. He has to entertain

himself,and he also entertains us. I catch him in many poses or actions and he grins and smiles most of the time.

He has a love for all things silly. He loves this tree. He proudly posted next to it one day for me.

He loves the outdoors and finds himself running around as fast as his little legs will carry him. He drives his big wheel or his cop car, or draws with chalk or engages in a game of ball. Whatever it is, he's so much fun when he's a "single only child". Like I said, he's a different guy.

Not saying that he's bad when he's with the other two, but theres sort of a way things go around our house. My middle child, my daughter, often takes the role of "alpha male" My mother calls that "second child syndrome". My oldest child is laid back, loving, and usually don't get his feathers ruffled too easily. He's also been a great big brother to both younger siblings. Then theres this youngest child. Wild at heart, yet his heart is as soft and tender as anything can be. Since moving to his big boy bed, he loves getting up in the morning and being able to run free to find out where the rest of us are . He comes running with his blanket and a huge smile. But he's also my wild crazy guy. He loves to get things in the fridge, mess with the fridge, move the kitchen chairs around, he loves the art of the toaster(though I dont like his love for the toaster), and he also loves the microwave(though I again don't share his love for my microwave). He's soft and snuggly , yet rowdy as all get out. But who couldn't love this face?

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