Thursday, May 19, 2011

why you shouldn't buy those colored bubbles

There are many things in life that I let roll off my back. I'm pretty laid back. However, my daughter recieved some of those crayola bubbles for her birthday back in April, from my friend Jesse, who buys messy things because she thinks pay back will never happen. She has her first child, who is going to be one in June.Oh yes pay back is coming around. However after trying the bubbles back then, I was like "oh crap these are awful" and put them in a place no one can find them....that is until my mother in law brought the kids two more colors of bubbles and a wand VARIETY pack. Awesome! I think she may have heard me curse about said bubbles and did this intentionally. However, that being said, again pay back comes around to people who do funny things against We opened these bubbles one fine day outside our apartment.

First off you have to fight the packaging that comes with the variety pack. Then you realise that the bubble wands themselves clip inside the bubble covers. Which you think is every mothers dream right? Who hasn't cursed out that bubble wand thats all slimey and sticky and gets lost WAYYY down where mommys fingers CAN'T reach? Cause the maker of bubbles have apparently been unrealistic in the size of the opening of the jar! I opened these after a fight. Fought to get the "best " color out on the cap for one of my children. This invovled much tugging, orange bubble goo all over the ground, my hands and clothing. It then looks like slime when you pull it out of the bottle.

See below

See how much fun they look like stained ON YOUR HANDS?

And even the dirt magnet himself could not stay out of harms way. I"m not REAL sure how they got on his head. Then again, I"m not sure how other things land on his head (cereal, socks, today he got toothpaste up there...). All I know is it landed there. And stained. It was awesome.

Folks, this is not popsicle staining my childrens faces. The boy? well, he was blowing the green bubbles and he sneezed and did that 2 year old thing of wiping it all over? Yup, so then it was all over his face like a green beard. The girl? has an orange glob on her forehead JUST FROM OPENING THE SPILLPROOF BOTTLE. Let me talk shortly about that spill proof bottle and what the pavement looks like. My land lord is gonna be super impressed.

The dirt magnet himself got much more colored goodness on his hands, arms, face, and this was before the sneeze..and the licking of the bubble wand. Did I mention thankfully the bubbles are non toxic but since they are now colored, I bet my kid is not the ONLY one who tries to see if it tastes as cool as it looks?

So again, crayola, thanks for nothing. And that whole small print in your commercials "may take more than one laundering to get stains out of clothes"??? yeah you got that right. And when (the bubbles) do finally pop, it explodes colors everywhere, on your house or apartment building(mine is off white..or was...) animals, the neighbor lady feeding her birds outside...

We're really popular now.

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