Friday, September 30, 2011

141th post...

We got a firetruck ride for the local homecoming parade. My dad is a fire fighter(amongst other things)and drove the firetruck. Why , do you ask, are firetrucks in the parade? The firetrucks and ambulances all around here participate in parades. Its like a huge thing. Its tradition and its "how we roll".

So tonight, I was in the showering. Just minding my own business, shaving my legs. Many of you ladies know that complete and utter concentration is given to this ritual. And then BOOM. One little man jumps in the shower nekkid yelling "AH HAH!" SCARING the living crap outta me. I had to think "what would I tell the ambulance? MY DAD works for the ambulance!" Luckily I didn't cut myself. I almost had a stroke, but no cuts. I ended up banging into the shower caddy hanging on the shower head/neck and a bottle of shampoo fell, assaulting my 2 year old and slicing him pictured below. Part of me felt like yelling AH HAH! back. but then I saw that he was injured and he was freaking out, so much he caused himself to puke. In.The.Shower. So then I'm trying to see how bad the cut is, he's not bleeding hardly at all, but he keeps hyperventalating and causing himself to puke more. Which in the middle of THAT my four year old had jumped in sometime (cause you know, its just not shower time unless its like a clown car packed to the limits) and she sees his "owie" and freaks out. So now I have TWO kids to calm down, I"m trying to assess the cut, calm both down and get us all dried off. My four year old during this time had shampoo in her hair, and so I then have to turn the shower back on to rinse her hair off, and the puke outta the shower all while trying to calm them both. My 4 year old is freaking out in the shower, causing mass hysteria, crying "Oh the shampoo is in my eyes" and shes getting crazy and thrasing around. I'm afraid at that point, we'll all get wrapped up in the shower curtain. So I finally get them rinsed, out and dried off. I get them out to my room, which the hubby is OBLIVIOUS with his headphones on watching "transformers 3" on his computer. He kinda turns around and sees the mass panic going on and gets this face like "What is going on!" I"m calm, getting dressed and getting the young ones dressed. I don't THINK it needed stitches, however, I take a quick drive up the block to my parents house and do the "two heads are better than one" with my dad. Though I'm a nurse, sometimes I rely on the whole "two heads are better than one" *just* to be sure. Its not that I doubt my training , its just the fact that sometimes, being a non panic-er, I tend to not worry, and my husband is a panic-er and a worry wart so I ask my dad, who works for an ambulance, for medical advice. Though I"m the calm one, like I said, I don't panic, sometimes when your own kid gets hurt, you tend to get a bit blinded by what you THINK you see. So not deep enough for stitches. But a visit to grandpas and grandmas for a few hugs and kisses and a ride back home to his favorite blankey seemed to chill him out. But after he fell asleep for a while, he developed a fever. So they're totally NOT related but I"m hoping he feels better tomorrow.

The funniest thing? We had come back from my parents and he was talking with our two year old "what did grandpa put on your owie"...I said "nothing, thats snot".muhahahahhaha. Epic.

I was downloading pictures onto the computer today and found a few of the below on them. Guess who got ahold of momma's camera? I thought it was kinda cute(excuse my dirty mirror. I DO wash it almost every day...)She looks very serious. Maybe she plans on getting her own facebook soon and using this to find her kindergarten boys online? nope. not til shes at least 45.

Then today, to top off all the exciting things we have done, we went to visit THE WEINERMOBILE! EEEEEEK! It was parked at our local Piggly Wiggly(grocery store anyone?). The kids were very impressed but I could tell they were confuzed. I don't think they quite got the point of it. I had a few puzzled looks as I got the camera out.


The official liscense plate!(zomg, now you'll all know where I"m from)

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