Thursday, September 1, 2011

First day of school

Today was the first day of school in our district.
Summer, where did you go?

Got the kids up easily. This will probably be the only time it happens that easy. Seriously, this household is not a morning people household. My oldest and I are totally NOT morning people and the two of us together kinda ,(more than kinda) clash in the morning and it doesn't make for a happy start to ANY day. However, the oldest of the mini world domination team rose without arguement and sprang out of bed.
I had to awaken the middle child who was asleep in my bed. Seriously the girl will be 16 and still feeling like she has to attach to my hip. She has her own bed, a new comforter and everything and just makes me crazy at times. She likes to snuggle during her sleep. If I move, she'll find me.

The youngest of the world domination team was actually in his own bed all night. He's always slept in his own crib/bed whathaveyou, but lately he's been wanting to sleep on my floor. Then usually when my hubby comes home from work, he moves him. But last night he crawled into his own bed and stayed there.
So all three up and dressed, we went to my mom's and grandma was dropping off for school. I got the oldest going with her, and we hung out and played with the 6mo old twins she baby sat. I can really be honest and say I'm glad I never had twins. I love those girls to death but gosh...

My middle child start 4 year old kindergarten today. The first time ever she's been to school. She's very outspoken(thats putting it nicely folks) and bold and has alot of character(ahem.. putting it nicely) but when we went to our mini 4k picnic she got very shy and clung to my leg for a good 10 minutes. So grandma and I took her to school. My mom helps people out and watches children during the day and another little boy she watches is in the same class. Plus she had the twins and the twins's brother, so I helped with the girls there too. We did the drop off, not hovering, not lingering too long and I kissed and hugged her goodbye and she seemed ok with it. She never went to preschool or anything like I said previously, but she did good. I think I was more nervous about it than she was. They (her and Austin, the other little boy) were going to ride the bus from THAT school, to the "Middle" school, or the other school that houses grade 3-8. All of our schools lack parking for whatever reason, so they came up with this idea that buses take you to this one central school(if you choose) and get dropped off there. and Since my oldest goes to that school, and that's where grandma picks them up(since hubby works second shift and we have one car) it seemed easier than grandma going two places and rushing around. I was more nervous about that. That seemed to be the best part of her day! She only goes half days and I asked her if she wants to go back tomorrow and she said "yup". So that's a relief.

The youngest mini world dominator is only 2 and stayed home with me all day. We have our afternoon routine. Though he's 2, he don't nap. At all. Like ever. Two is about being tough you know. I tried to clean and he was up on destroying my efforts.

My children both came home from school happy and excited to go back. Which is good. I think any mother hopes her children have good first days of school.

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