Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor day

And Happy Birthday....TO ME.

I'm not going to tell my age, as any classy lady hides her age you know. We had a fun labor day weekend, ending today in my birthday.

Saturday I got to watch my nieces at my brothers house. I love my nieces to DEATH and my kids and my nieces play very well together. We had some dress up action from the girls, and some block building action, and all sorts of playing very well together. My youngest niece is about a year old and she's a quick one too. She's just starting to walk and she's into everything. Gave another thought to that "oh boy THIS is why I don't want another baby"!!!!! Even though MY youngest is 2.5, he's a very easy child for the most part. We all got home after a long day and we were all completely wiped out. Sunday we just hung out and really didn't do alot. The younger two are kinda congested so we laid low. Today is my birthday like I said before. My father in law came and watched the kids so my husband and I could go out to supper and shop a bit. My parents had gotten me a gift card to texas road house and a gift card for walmart. When we got to our resturant, we found out it wasn't open for another 2.5 hours so we shopped around with lots of time to kill!!!LOL. we found some new clothes for the kids. In wisconsin, the weather changes in an instant and last week it was 90's and this weekend in the 60's. We decided to slowly start stocking up on warmer clothes for the kiddos. Of course there's not alot out there quite *yet*, but I was still able to grab some good deals.
Supper was very good. Texas Roadhouse , if you haven't been there, is so yummy. We both left with full tummies!
The kiddos are now asleep in bed and I"m just doing this and watching tv. Tomorrow is back to school, shopping for cell phones and what not. Its another tuesday and I've been slacking on cleaning so tomorrow will be back to normal routine for me.

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