Monday, August 13, 2012

I jinxed myself

I so jinxed myself in the last post I wrote. 

Saturday, we are sitting around, just chilling out, family style. You know that means...  Mom and Dad doing seperate things.. Kids chasing eachother....well my 9 year old was playing 3DS.  Bella, pictured above and my youngest 3 year old were rough housing. Chasing and screeching and what not. I was doing some online things and I saw her come out of their room they share. It looked to be that she was tripping coming out of the door, and then righted herself, then lost momentum and hit the floor..which flung her arm into the doorjam of the bathroom directly across from their room.

Now... I'm not a mom who panics when tears start or one falls. I just sit and observe because each of my children take it differently. My oldest, depending on what it is, usually cries big alligator tears, and kinda gets over it..but worries about it constantly for days. My youngest doesn't really ever seem to really notice when he's hurt himself, he just bounces back up and deals with life... we've often wondered about him..HAHA...but Bella..will "drama" up almost ANYTHING she can for attention. She's my drama queen. She will fall down standing completely still, laying on the floor, anything. And its not quiet crying, its sobbing, screeching, yelling, flinging herself about. So when she fell Saturday , this is what she did. So I just kinda shrugged and gave her a few minutes to compose herself because when she's like this, she's not to be messed with or talked to. She just simply needs to do her own thing , then she'll seek out me or my hubby.

Well I kissed her arm, there wasn't any brusing or swelling, nothing. 
Daddy kissed her arm.
 Shes continuing on with the drama. Flinging ..yes flinging her wrist back and forth sobbing "I...can'!" and continued flailing around very dramatic like. 
I'm telling her "Look, Bella, you ARE moving it..just try to calm down" which sent her into a tizzy of a storm.
So after an hour or so of this drama and carrying on, my husband said "just take her in for an xray"..and I'm trying to explain to him... her hand appeared totally normal. She had full range of motion...everything appeared fine. But sometimes have to humor the husband.

So I took her in. She broke her WRIST!!!! for the love of everything green. Seriously? 
So she was in a splint all weekend. Luckily the doc gave her some pain meds because that night it got REAL painful and then we had the drama over taking the
Today the cast went on and she's VERY proud of it. She'll be entering kindergarten come september with her pink cast.

Can mommy have a break now?

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