Thursday, August 23, 2012

My yaya

My yaya became an angel the other day. She was a spectacular woman who always put the needs of others before herself. She loved her family with greatness and loved us even though like humans, we'd screw up from time to time. She never saw our faults as bad things, she just simple would hug you and not mention it again.She would stop everything she was doing if you needed her.
She took care of my grandfather who had diabetes and was ill for a long part of his life. She made sure he always came first. She took care of him until the day he died almost 20 years ago.
Then she took her sister in and took care of her until she had fallen and broken her hip.

She lived a long and wonderful life. She was very independent until like 2 years ago when she went to live with my aunt . She herself fell one morning and broke her hip and was sent to a nursing home. She also was in the stages of dementia and needed more care. The people who took care of her were just as caring and wonderful and it put us all in extreme comfort knowing she was being well taken care of.

I will miss her because she was my yaya. I will miss the phone calls from her and the daily visits she used to give. She helped me through tough times in life and none of that can ever be replaced with any monetary worth.

I love you yaya.

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