Friday, August 10, 2012

things that happen at my house

Seriously, sometimes I wonder about my kids.

I mean.. the things that come out of their mouths. The other day Bella and I were talking about the weather and when we talk about a "chance" of storms, we always talk about  " daddy keeps you safe during storms, thats daddy's job." and then we said "if it storms at grandmas house, grandpa keeps you safe during storms"... She looks at me, and then says "nuh uh momma. Grandpa makes grandma sleep on the side of the bed near the window and doesn't give her any room and every night she about falls right out the window".

Grandpa safe theory debunked by a 5 year old.

My 3 year old son must have been born without coordination or grace. He's constantly falling down, injuring himself but doesn't ever really seem to feel much pain. He's constantly falling outta beds. His bed, our bed, etc. Our bed sits kinda high and almost every night he falls off. And MOST of the time, he either doesn't seem to notice and will stay asleep or kinda picks himself up and puts himself back up into the bed. And goes back to sleep without issues. Or note of any injury. Sometimes theres nights where he will fall out more than once. Tonight, he fell out, scaring both his dad and I. He was on the floor about 4 minutes and my husband and I were watching to see if he'd stay on the floor and sleep or get up. We kept looking back at eachother wondering how long we should stand there. Suddenly he pops up and yells "I want chocolate milk!" and goes back to sleep in our bed.


My oldest talks in his sleep almost every night. Usually he's a very sound sleeper and doesn't require talking back , as in, keeping a conversation. Some nights he does, and will wait for you to contribute to the conversation. He even sleep walks. If I shut the bathroom door, he will run STRAIGHT into it. And if you're asleep and this happens, it scares the bejeezus out of you, because all you hear is BANG. But the other night he must have been in a lighter sleep and I sneezed and he like hollered out and about scared me. Because once my kids are asleep, you could turn on a bulldozer next to their heads without much reply. And a while later my husband sneezed and once again he yells something I'm not sure, but scared me again. And as much as I'm used to him talking in his sleep , some nights I MUST not be sleeping soundly because he'll talk and its one of those "omg, who's in the house" type feelings and scares you and your heart races until you realize what it is, and by that time you're wide awake. And just as I had my racing heart calmed down and was drifting asleep, he yells something else! BOOM, scared me again.

But yet, in the wee hours of the morning, when children feel the need that "Omg the sun is up, we must also be up" because obviously children don't know the art of sleeping in past sunrise, they'll ask me things in my sleep, knowing full well that usually I'll give them the answer they want. Like "Mom can I have doritos"....and "mom can we play Wii?"...and then when I come to a fully awake state, I"m all "why are you eating doritos playing wii and the sun is barely up!" and I get "well we asked you and you said  yes"...


Its a wonder I get any "good" sleep with children wandering, falling out of the bed, climbing in my bed, turning sideways, backwards and rolling around while in bed.... children trying to walk into closed bathroom doors, having conversations with me...and then theres "Momma, come potty with me"... Sleep isn't what it used to be. Its like up, down, up , down, heart rate up, down, start to fall asleep BAM, up

but when they're NOT in the house...I feel as if part of me is missing...

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  1. The house is WAY too quiet when my girls aren't home. I know exactly what you are saying.