Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday monday

Its monday again.
I loathe Mondays. I"m not sure exactly why. It just seems like a long long day.
I didn't sleep well last night. As usual after the kids go to sleep, I clean and read. I get way into my kindle and then loose track of time! Before I knew it , it was 3AM! whoopsy. So my nice husband let me nap a bit today. I'm pretty stoked because tomorrow Jodi Picoults new book comes out on Kindle! I'm a HUUUUUGE fan of her work. I've been doing so much reading lately at night during quiet time. I enjoy reading, I"m a quick reader and since I've had my Kindle, I've enjoyed many books. So once I finish up a few things here, thats where I"m headed. I have to fold/organize laundry(meaning everyone gets their own basket so when it comes time to put it away, I just gotta take their basket to their dresser and unload), scrub floors(which I do by hand) switch another load from the washer to the dryer fold/organize those, and tidy up the bathroom. I really don't feel like doing it but I don't get much done when the children are awake and present. Tonight I shampooed the kids room and it took me a while since the childrens had to be special helpers.

You ever feel like you're forever doing laundry and not coming to the end of your pile? Maybe its just me but good gosh! and then while scrubbing floors tonight in the bathroom and back hallway, I noticed my little crayon artist had left me some artwork!*headdesk*!!!!But this place needs repainting and when I attempt to get the "art" off the walls, the paint comes off and the art remains. sigh.

Now that this post has literally taken me until tuesday morning to get back to. Thats how my brain works I guess. I sat down in between cleaning breaks last night .I've been up since 630am and I've folded and put away 4 baskets of laundry, changed bedding on the toddler bed, got both little ones dressed, Bellas hair brushed.. without screaming or drama!

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