Friday, September 21, 2012

its just me again....

We've been busy over in our neck of the woods. My oldest has joined cubscouts so we've been going to meetings aka "pack meetings" and soon he'll start "den meetings" so thats twice a month. He's pretty excited to join this, although I'm pretty sure he's unaware of what it all involves.

The above picture, my youngest took. " Chalk..Purpra Chalk momma". He loves getting ahold of my camera. I thought the picture turned out rather nice myself.
 Proof that fall is RIGHT around the corner. Taken yesterday when sitting outside with the youngest while the two others were in school. I love the changing of the leaves!

The Cast of the middle child finally came off last week. She was so relieved that it came off. She complained about it ALL THE TIME. Then when it came off, she complained she missed it. But now she can really do better in school with writing and such since it was on her right hand.
This is my supper helper the other night while I made Chili . He thought he was very scary, while on the other hand, I thought he was very adorable. We've been spending lots of one on one time together since Bella is in all day kindergarten now. He's usually always very eager to help with the cooking.