Sunday, September 23, 2012

Its not always sunshines and rainbows

Marriage and kids, lets face it, its not always "sunshine and rainbows".
I'll start by saying..I love my husband and I love my kids and my family. But some days, a mom just simply has too much.

I thought of writing this while I was scrubbing the kitchen floor tonight, while half way done, my husband gets up, comes into the kitchen and says "why don't you ask for help?" and then goes over on the wet floor to get the trash can so he can sweep, then tells ME to wait a minute while he sweeps.
Yes sweetheart, let me just wait with my bucket and sponge because obviously we were not that busy....

I'm not one of those mothers who really "enjoy" being a stay at home mom. I'm in between jobs right now and while I love my kids and love my husband(I've said this twice now) I enjoy working, I"m a people person and love being out of the house. I enjoy doing things with my family and I enjoy doing things myself. Thats just me being honest.

I don't enjoy picking up after others who are able to pick up their own mess. I do clean the kids room to reorganize toys and put things in the correct spots and really love even more that just after I finish, a certain 3 year old boy comes sprinting past me yelling "I go make a big mess now" as he's thrilled to have room to play.

I put the kids in the tub, with the reminder "leave the water in the tub" go to sit for a minute and hear "oh oh".. somehow my warning obviously hadn't hit their ears yet. So now the bathroom floor just got soaked.

And how many times to moms sit down to eat, and have to get up about 5 hundred times to get different things and the thought comes through my mind "I didn't want hot food anyways"??

When I ask people to pick up their rooms or clean up their messes I get "oh mom, you're so unfair" and other completely atrocious whines.

Whats unfair is that mom, while loving her children she brought into this world with all her heart hears those words because there are alot of people who have it alot worse children. And I remind them that at least they have toys to clean up, and food on the table and clothes on their backs. I teach them that in other countries, even THIS country kids don't have nice toys and nice clothes. I tell them that not every child has a "nice" mommy either who cleans up after them.

Sometimes mommy just gets burned out. And wishes for bedtime when peace and quiet are observed.

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