Monday, September 10, 2012

second week of school

The second week of school has officially started. School seems to be going well for both of my older children. Bella is in all day kindergarten and while I worried about her being in school all day, once again she's amazed me at being actually very non-challant about it. I worried she'd be lonesome or miss mom and dad or grandma...however she seems to be handling it ok. She gets up every morning excited to go. I also worried about her eating lunch at school and carrying the tray with her arm still in a cast but that doesn't seem to be an issue either. Except if you ask her what she had for lunch, she always tells me "I dunno!". lol

4th grade is quiet so far for my oldest. He's not so much a morning person so we struggle there. We struggle getting up in the morning, struggle getting in the shower, getting dressed, getting breakfast in him...but he seems to be liking it so far. Hes smart as smart can be so he does well academically.

Our youngest is 3. And not in school. And is quite lonesome during the day without his brother and sister. He does spend mornings a few times a week at grandmas house to pass the time and play with other kids, which helps. Last week during the first few days, he helped me drop off Jace at school and walk Bella into her classroom, and he seemed to like that. We talked about how he'll be a big boy when its time for HIM to finally go. Then this momma will be lonesome and sad.

We've been busy with visiting the dentist, joining cubscouts, doing homework and the like. Luckily for us, the days have been warm and the nights cool where you can open windows.

Summer will be leaving us soon...I love fall.

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