Saturday, July 16, 2011

Snow white and Prince Charming

A few weeks back while visiting my father in law out in the country, my dear husband rescued two kittens from the "burn pile"(where they burn garbage), he heard this little "meeewing" and went back into the itch weed to further investigate. He found these two small baby kittens. My father in law has been bottle feeding them for a few weeks . The last time I saw them a few weeks ago, they weren't really moving or doing much. Today we visited and holy cow! What a change! they were climbing all over, meowing and learning to pounce, climb in things like paper bags, they wrestle eachother and have all sorts of fun. I"m glad He found them because otherwise they'd have probably never made it. We've saw the mother but the mother is pretty sick. "Farm cats" are usually outside cats, they learn to fend for themselves but they also can get sick and catch alot of illnesses which we think their mother has. Over the years I have named all the farm kitties, and these two are no different. Snow white and Prince Charming. I don't care that they're both girls...its just how their names came to They are so playful and loving . My children have never seen kittens that small. They oohed and aaahed over them, my 4 year old liked them from a distance but for whatever reason when they got close up, she'd kinda freak

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