Friday, July 22, 2011

Five for Friday

1. They say the heat wave has broken. I beg to differ...seriously. I stepped outside today and I was taken aback by the humidity. I scowled even. I think I even said some not nice words. I think the weatherman is WRONG. Just sayin.

2. The younger ones in this household tried to execute world domination today against their leader. Many battles were fought, and in the end I think it was a tie. This Leader is exhausted and so are the mini wanna be world dominators who are already fast asleep in bed. I was persistant in time outs and what not, however, their strength, persistance and younge age gave them the upper hand at times. Three against one isn't always a great shot during the day. All daddy does is raise his voice and they stop. Perhaps I need to get a daddy voice.

Hopefully Monday, when it rolls around will be better. If not, I might go into hiding. We all know we have our good days and bad days and boy.... today wasn't classified as a good one. At least not for this

3. School shopping must start soon. I have the oldests first day outfit, and I got it at kmart for under 10 bucks for shorts and a shirt. I have been looking around for my Daughters first day outfit and I can't find anything I like or I think is reasonably priced. Kmart doesn't have a good girls selection in her size. lots of short shorts, which I call "Hootchie wear" and I refuse to send her to school in that. She's 4 not 14. Even at 14 I don't think I'd let her dress like that.

4. I saw my doctor the other day and he just increased a medication dose. However when I went to the pharmacy, he had it all screwed up and they had called him twice to clarify because him and his "nurse" had everything all mixed up. Its a good thing the pharmacy pays attention. and its a good thing I PAY ATTENTION, because this is like the second time they've made an error. And I left without my increase because they hadn't gotten it right STILL. Really, cardiologists are very high paid and hes rated at one of the "best" in his field. Then what's the problem?

5. I don't really have any new pictures. I"m too tired from being chased by 3 kids all day. I try to pull the camera out and they all run. I think its because they are hiding proof of their secret plans for world domination and don't want proof on film. (kidding really)... Its just in summer, we go to the pool and I dont bring my camera cause I dont have time and I dont want to get it wet or stolen. So I chose a picture of our Cat. Who is in heat and almost impossible to shut up. Who has to get to the vet to get fixed or we might all go crazy and seek hiding. We got her from a friend who was going to give her to humane society. She's a wonderful cat, just not wonderful when in heat. We let our youngest name him since the other two were gone. Her real name is ready for this "weinerbutt"...but usually our kids call her "baby" or... "kittypie"...or "kittykitty" weinerbutt....thats what we get for letting him name her.

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