Wednesday, July 20, 2011

we're having a heat wave... a tropical heat wave

I don't tolerate heat well at all. Seriously I tend to break down and almost tantrum at the thought of living without air conditioning or things like that.
I was pregnant with Jax, our youngest during the summer and I remember we moved in late August/September and we moved into this little old house that when we toured it , it had a window unit. When we moved in, TA-DA, that was gone. We went a few days without air and I was miserable. Like crying, moping swearing to goodness I would melt and die. Being heat intolerant is one thing but being pregnant on top of it? Ohmygoodness. Luckily my husband found a window unit where I camped out in front of the rest of the warm weathered days.

So this heat wave we're having? went from a "heat advisory " to a "heat warning" or whatever. Really? where its been 97Degrees today with a humidity index of like 80? yeah. Not happy.

luckily we have a/c in our apartment, but we need every fan and wish to get it back to where we sleep. and I haven't been sleeping the best and not sleeping the best triggers the whole heart issue I'm having issues with...
I had that ablation like 6 weeks back. two weeks after I started having reoccuring symptoms, where my pulse would jump real high again and then the PVC's would come back. we switched back and forth between medications and I was pretty miserable. Then we went back to ONE medication and it was good for a while. Then I had to wear a holter monitor after an ambulance trip to the ER, and tomorrow is my check up with my electrocardiologist. I know the results from the holter weren't the best. Basically its like the surgery didn't really help. so now they have to, no WE have to decide on a treatment plan and I'm really hesitant on adding more medications. I don't know what way to go from here, but my body is pretty sick of medications they way it is. I feel pretty wiped out from all the adding, subtracting and turning around of medications. That's hard on anyones body.
so the heat, lack of sleep, the heart issue makes me pretty crabby and the kids fighting like cats and dogs?
fall can come any time now.

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