Thursday, July 14, 2011

The first week

The first week of my husbands new job is quickly wrapping up.

How do I feel about it? Well part of me is relieved because that means the weekend is coming and part of me is relieved to have another adult in the house to share my insanity with.

Our mornings are usually very good, quiet and I get the housework done and theres very little arguing. Like I've previously said, I believe this is when the children gather and plan world domination, starting with mom and dad. I haven't been able to find concrete evidence on this yet but I'm working on it.
Once the lunchtime hour hits, crap hits the fan and its like I feel the domination factor has began. I'm quickly outvoted, out numbered, and out favored in many to all decisions. Tempers flare among the children, tattling reaches new heights every day and there is many scuffles and rarely any blood. I try to take them outside where playing for 10 minutes lasts until I hear "its tooooo hot mo-0m!" or I walk them up the street to grandmas house to visit but the hill we have to climb is steep and usually much complaining is done and much "do you want to turn around and go home" is said . Sometimes I ponder going the long way to grandmas house JUST to get outta climbing that hill. The long way around would be a 2.2 mile walk around "the block". Cause once again it doesn't have the "hill of death" and theres many things we talk about and see while we're walking. Sometimes we run into interesting people, hence the man in the sleeveless iron maiden shirt with the long hair and backpack, or we get trucks to beep their horns and we play redlight greenlight and stop to ..well just because. My littlest guy is 2 and we must rememeber, like momma, he has short

Today I had a really lazy morning. We all climbed back in my bed and watched cartoons. usually I"m up and cleaning and doing things but today? not so much. And it was one of those mornings where I had to get up for a doctors appointment that my dad nicely agreed to take me to since the hubby has the only car at work. I got everyone dressed and ready and picked up. We dropped my children off with my mother, and headed to my appointment...ONLY to find out the doctors nurse scheduled me when he wasn't even in the office. So that was a huge dissapointment and things like that make me cry for whatever reason so then I cried the whole way home. When you don't feel good and think "wow I might get some answers" and then you don't see your doctor, its kinda a huge let down...

We drove back to my parents house where all my children were glad to see me. My ever insightful 4 year old daughter said "momma were you crying" and I told her no and not to worry about it. She's all rough and tumble but she does have this soft spot for things like that. I was taken back to my house with my smallest one who was cranky(as well as this momma was) and we snuggeld up in my bed and took a nap for once while the other two stayed at grandmas house. My 2 year old is the snuggliest child ever. he had his drink , his blankey and his momma. What more could that boy want? we snuggled and slept.
but usually when you let the little tiny boy sleep, he runs around like you've given him an energy drink and doesn't go to sleep at a nice time(this means before 10 or 11pm) but he actually did fall asleep aroudn 9pm so that was a relief.

Not sure whats on our friday game plan. Probably some outside time or maybe a trip to grandmas house. Not sure what grandma is up to, we'll have to call to see. Or maybe out to see our friend Jesse. She lives out in the country where the kids can run, scream, fight bloody murder and no one

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