Thursday, July 7, 2011

well so it goes

My children had wonderful times spending the weekends with different grandparents. I slept late and loved it. I missed them but these are the rare times where I don't "have" to get outta bed. So I just stayed in until about noon or so each

My husband and I recently switched roles as where he has gone back to work and I'm the stay at home person now.
Well, with that being said.....
Monday went well. I was like "wow, this should be pretty good !"
then today came. I think my kids figured out how things "should" be with mom around since Dad's now at work. I think they gave me one day to plan evil things and plot world take over and today the plotting was put into action.
its 7:22pm and I'm EXHAUSTED.
And I've only had 2 diet sodas today. That in itself is a huge miracle for me. I've been trying to cut down since my ablation.
Living in an apartment with three children is an adventure, let me tell you.

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